Hogan transportation map cuts Baltimore out of Maryland

A map tweeted and later deleted by Gov. Larry Hogan's Twitter account left off Baltimore City.

Baltimore City has been a part of Maryland since the 1700s. But somebody forgot to tell that to Gov. Larry Hogan's mapmakers.

In announcing about $2 billion in transportation projects Thursday, Hogan's Twitter account sent out a map and a message describing the capital projects throughout Maryland, saying: "Our transportation plan will provide infrastructure improvements to every single county in Maryland!"

But the map did not include Baltimore City, which will receive none of the projects. In fact, the image made the city look like it was underwater as part of the Chesapeake Bay.

Hogan's staff later deleted the image and said it was not representative of the governor's support of the city.

Matt Clark, a spokesman for Hogan, said the governor's increased allocations of highway user revenue funds means that Baltimore will receive about $400 million more for its roads over the next six years than the O'Malley administration had proposed.

"The map should have showed all of the state's support for Baltimore City's roads," Clark said.