Pittsburgh outside the lines

Outside the lines THE CITY AND FANS Is any team more indicative of the city it plays in than the Pittsburgh Steelers? It's a hard-nosed team playing in a Pennsylvania city known for its blue-collar steelworkers and love for football.

TERRIBLE TOWELS It's the most identifiable towel in sports. The brainchild of late broadcaster Myron Cope, it was invented in 1975. Few scenes in sports are more intimidating than a sea of Terrible Towels.

SHARING A COKE He doesn't look it here, but Hall of Fame linebacker "Mean" Joe Greene was nasty as a Steeler. That image took a bit of a hit in 1979 with his Coca-Cola commercial with a young fan.

OMAR VS. MIKE If anybody's gotten more run this week than Mike Tomlin, it's Omar Epps. Yes, they look alike. Other similarities? Epps stars in "House." Tomlin lives in a house. Mind-boggling stuff.

Outside the lines

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