Gridlock 64 keeps the rock hits rolling

Jim Mizelle of Hertford, N.C., leads a rock 'n' roll party band comprised of musicians from across the Hampton Roads region.

While the band's name - Gridlock 64 - might not sound like fun, Mizelle promises that if you like rock hits, you'll enjoy his group's road-worthy jams. Gridlock plays Goodfellas in downtown Hampton tonight.

Explain your name. We wanted a name that people in this area could relate to and remember. What year did the band start? 2005

Who plays what? I [Jim Mizelle] am the lead singer. Dave Dinger plays lead and rhythm guitar. Gary Scheitle plays bass guitar. Taxi Scheitle is the drummer.

Where is your home base? Everyone is spread out. I'm in Hertford, N.C. Dave is in Virginia Beach. Gary lives in Williamsburg. Taxi is in Newport News.

What's your style? A musical buffet of rock, classic rock, alternative, dance. You name it!

Who are your musical heroes? Collective Soul, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Van Halen and Kiss to name a few.

What's your favorite local stage? 17th Street Stage in Virginia Beach, or any stage at the oceanfront for that matter.

Describe your dream gig. Playing The NorVa or Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

What's your ultimate goal? We know what we are, which is a weekend bar band. There are no real delusions of grandeur, but if other opportunities ever arose, well, we could always re-evaluate.


Gridlock 64 has the following performances scheduled:

* Tonight, Goodfellas Restaurant and Bar

* May 24, Cruiser's Sports Bar & Grill, Gloucester

* June 6, Hops & Barley, Matthews

* June 7, Smokin' Joe's in Carrollton

For more information on the band, visit or