National Health Service Corps honors Hampton Roads pediatrician

The National Health Service Corps is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year -- and honoring some of its outstanding providers. The corps works with communities with limited access to health care.

Firoza Faruqi is a pediatrician at the Hampton Roads Community Health Center, which has locations in Norfolk and Portsmouth. Faruqi describes the center as a "one-stop shop" with internal medicine, family medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, dental and lab services as well as walk-in service. A majority of her patients have no insurance or rely on Medicaid and many are transient. The military also make up a fair proportion of her patients. "You may never see them again or the patient may hot have another opportunity to seek health care for a long time. This has kept me on my toes on how to tackle multiple complaints at one time. It definitely has also humbled me in learning just how much one's situation can be a barrier to great health care."

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