Maryland state salary database: FAQ

Where did this information come from?

The payroll of public employees is released by the relevant government agencies in compliance with the Maryland Public Information Act, or, in the case of federal employees, the Freedom of Information Act. It is available, by law, to anyone who requests it.


Why is it being published?

The Sun publishes information about public expenditures in the interest of informing citizens about the spending and operations of government.

Why is it the public's business to know people's salaries?

The public payroll represents billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded spending. As with any government contract or spending program, detailed salary information allows citizens to evaluate the priorities and spending habits of government by understanding how public money is spent, what services are provided, by whom and at what cost.

Will you remove my information from the database?

This is a government record. The data is presented in the same form in which it was released, unedited and unredacted.

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