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Here are the most popular books in the Baltimore area, according to local libraries

The year's most checked out books in the Baltimore area included Michelle Obama's "Becoming" and novels like Tommy Orange's "There, There."

Find a copy of The Baltimore Sun print edition

Looking for a copy of the print newspaper? The Baltimore Sun and other Baltimore Sun Media publications are available at hundreds of locations around the region. Find one near you using our interactive map.

An ‘interesting comparison’: Elijah Cummings’ district and Mick Mulvaney’s former district, side by side

A by-the-numbers comparison of Rep. Elijah Cummings' district and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney's former district.

Baltimore drew him home, and to his death in July, the city’s third-deadliest month since the 2015 unrest

Only two months have been deadlier in Baltimore than July 2019 — July 2015 when 45 were killed and May 2015 when there were 42 homicides.

Baltimore’s rat hot spots

Baltimore's rat hot spots

‘Suffocating’ violence: Despite national trend, killings increase in Baltimore through first half of 2019

Baltimore continued to stand out on the national stage in 2019 for its unrelenting violence and street killings, even as some larger cities saw declines in homicides.

Baltimore’s white population swells with millennials, resembling D.C., Brooklyn

People in their mid-20s to mid-30s make up over a quarter of the white population in Baltimore, newly released Census Bureau estimates show.

Analysis of ransomware used in Baltimore attack indicates hackers needed ‘unfettered access’ to city computers

The new strain of ransomware used to cripple Baltimore's computer networks relies on attackers gaining "unfettered access" to victims' networks.