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Cops and Robbers: How a rogue squad of police officers used their badges to commit crimes

A three-part Baltimore Sun investigation into how a rogue group of police officers used their badges to commit crimes — and got away with it for years.

Diversity by the numbers: As Howard County has grown, so has its racial and cultural mix

In 1950, Howard County was a primarily rural, predominately white farming community of around 23,000. Since then, the population has grown more than tenfold and diversified. We use Census Bureau data to examine the growth of Howard's largest minority groups.

Record number of women to serve in U.S. Congress and Maryland General Assembly

Women hold more of Congress's 535 seats than ever before, though growth in recent years has differed along party lines. Maryland has no women in its delegation.

Maryland governor precinct-by-precinct: Where Hogan and Jealous got their votes

See how your neighborhood voted with this detailed map, which shows ballots cast for governor on Election Day by voting precinct.