Wedding guests gone wild

Our story about the do's and don'ts of attending a wedding brought in some hilarious e-mails and Facebook comments. Here were some of the highlights:

"One of my high school friends had a reception with no alcohol," wrote David. "Her husband had some relatives who brought a cooler full of beer and they were drinking wine out of a paper bag."

"My wife and I were at her best friend's wedding in Oregon," wrote a different David. "Another friend shows up two hours and late and arrives with two friends. (She brought two friends—to a wedding! Not dressed appropriately, no presents from any of them, not even the girl who knew them.) None of them acknowledged the bride or groom. They spent all night at the bar, dancing, and then left. Ridiculous and rude!"

"While the speeches were going on my mom puked on herself," wrote Jerome. "Of course she was wearing white and eating lasagna."

"Our wedding photographer drank way too much," Missy wrote. "The pictures start off wonderful, and then get blurry and crooked after the night progressed."

"I got married at an outdoor venue," wrote Tina. "My emcee passed out in the front seat of his truck. He neglected to shut the door behind him, which in turn ensured that the light stayed on inside of his truck. The best part—he was naked. My guests got to see a full moon on their way to their cars!"

"Well, one guest broke another guest's leg at my wedding with a drunken body slam in the parking lot," shared Karen. "I ended up having to drive another drunken guest's car to a hotel after the wedding because no one else knew how to drive a stick shift. Picture a wedding dress hiked up to the knees while shifting gears."

"I had an out-of-town guest at my wedding who was engaged but her fiancé wasn't at the wedding," said another Karen. "She got drunk and disappeared for a while. Meanwhile one of my groom's guests also mysteriously disappeared for a while. When they both returned to the party, my guest's mother slapped her in the face. Not a word was said about it then, or ever. She did get married after that."

Michael had a list of mishaps from his wedding. "Dad got lost on way from church to reception. The hall changed owners. There was no water for waterfall pictures. We couldn't find the hostess to get into bride room. Some wedding crashers liked our band better. And my wife served up a right-hook slap when I tried to calm her down. I didn't see that one coming."

"We had real wedding crashers for our wedding last September," wrote Christine. "They were kicked out, but still managed to get a professional picture taken with our backdrop. Yep, they made it in my wedding album."

"There were so many things wrong at mine," wrote Elly. "The one that hurt me the most was when a guest of my ex in-laws' came up to me and asked, 'So, when's the baby due?' I'm a size zero!"

"I once sang at a wedding where a very pregnant bride fell off the chair during the hora set," wrote Kimber. "That's the only bride I have ever witnessed falling off of a chair during a hora set."

"My groom's relatives were wrapping up food in cocktail napkins and filling their purses and pockets from the buffet line," Denise wrote. "Plus we had a $4,000 bar bill and it was 1975. Do you think they were pouring drinks in their purses too?"

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