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Solar energy makes business sense. Why doesn't Trump support it?

The coal industry accounts for 50,000 American jobs, and fewer each year, while the solar energy industry accounts for 260,000 American jobs, over five times more, and growing each year.

Worldwide fatalities due to air pollution attributed to coal-fired power plant emissions and coal mining accidents exceed 50,000 deaths per year; there are no significant number of fatalities that I’m aware of due to solar energy production.

The balance seems clearly and overwhelmingly in favor of solar, which is why I’m confused about the emphasis in Washington on keeping jobs in a dying, dangerous, polluting industry (coal) at the expense of jobs in a clean and growing industry (solar).

As a moderate Republican, with strong independent tendencies, who admits he voted for President Donald Trump, I expected business sense, logic and even common sense to rule Washington decisions. Seems about time to apply those basic approaches to this issue.

— Robert B. Hamilton, Wauconda

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