Full coverage: Mayor Pugh's 'Healthy Holly' books, UMMS board deals

City to cheer Blackhawks' Stanley Cup, or did we give away too much?

FIFA has fighting words for the Nobel Peace Center over pulled Handshake. #MarginCall

Details of Thursday's Chicago Blackhawks parade and victory celebration took time to work out Tuesday. Probably needed NFL permission to use the streets and parkland the city had given it.

The College Board says there was a misprint in SAT test booklets regarding allotted time in a section of the exam administered June 6. It's not a huge error, but the Board can forget about getting into Stanford.

United Airlines will phase out use of New York's Kennedy International Airport. United's JFK flights will have their arrival and departure delays shifted to New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport.

Soccer's FIFA says the Nobel Peace Center "does not embody the spirit of fair play" in pulling out of the organizations' Handshake for Peace partnership. Harsh words, but corruption allegations have made clear just how FIFA and its officials value their handshake deals.

With Gap falling short of sales goals, the company is closing about a quarter of its stores and eliminating 250 corporate jobs. Translation: A growing gap means a smaller Gap.

Legalizing medical marijuana hasn't spurred the surge in pot use among youths many expected, says analysis in Lancet Psychiatry drawing on 24 years of data from more than 1 million adolescents in the contiguous 48 states. And a new generation of parents is baffled by its teens.

The St. Louis Cardinals are under federal investigation for allegedly hacking into the rival Houston Astros' computer network, according to The New York Times. For Major League Baseball, it's merely the latest PED scandal — performance enhancing databases.

Shah Jahan's favorite wife died giving birth to their 14th child 384 years ago Wednesday. Grief-stricken, the Mogul emperor commissioned a mausoleum commensurate with his feelings for her. We know this memorial as the Taj Mahal.


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