Crawford's bleepin' awesome summer


The last time fans saw the Hawks players together, Corey Crawford delivered a memorable speech where he and "biggest bunch of beauties in the league," as he called them, got the rock star treatment in Grant Park.

The team was together for one more victory lap with the Stanley Cup this weekend at the Blackhawks Convention at the Hilton Chicago.

In welcoming fans to the convention, Jonathan Toews said, "I'm sure you guys are getting pretty bored at my speeches. It's pretty much the same thing every year. How many people out there would like to hear from Corey Crawford today?"

A smiling Crawford waved Friday night as the crowd chanted his name.

"It's probably not the time and place for what Corey would have to say today," Toews teased, drawing laughs from convention attendees.

The usually reserved goalie shocked fans last month when he dropped two F-bombs in his epic and unexpected speech in which he proclaimed his teammates "worked their nuts off for this trophy."

He said he winged the speech, which capped off a week of parading around the city with the Cup.

"It was a one-time deal, a lot of emotions for that moment," Crawford said this weekend. "We were having fun all week and I maybe got a little carried away."

That victory speech racked up thousands of views on YouTube.

"I bet you there's about a million and a half people who were thinking about that and he said it," Bryan Bickell said.

It was a unforgettable speech for both fans and players.

"That was hysterical; I think all the boys loved it," Andrew Shaw said.

While Crawford hasn't had his day with the Cup, his summer has been anything but dull. He organized a kids hockey camp with friends and received an important call to be one of five Hawks to go to Canada's Olympic orientation camp.

"It's pretty cool," Crawford said. "I never got the chance to play for Team Canada. Just getting an invite is the first step. It doesn't mean I'll make the team, but it's a chance to get to that point." | @lvivanco

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