The lifelong fight for women's equality

Sexual misconduct by powerful men is broader than in the entertainment and political arenas. Your Dec. 19 editorial “Congress vs. sexual predators in office” stated that initially, but focused on a predatorial federal judge and predators in Congress.

I am a senior citizen, and every woman I have known over a long lifetime has experienced some form of sexual misconduct. That’s why I am working to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in my lifetime. Until we have an equal rights amendment in the U.S. Constitution, all laws protecting women from discrimination will always be able to be diminished in their effectiveness.

We came close to enacting the ERA in Illinois in the last legislative session. Let’s see that we pass it in the next. If it passes in Illinois, it will have passed in 37 of the 38 states needed to ratify. Then women (and men) who are being harassed by those in positions of power can finally say “enough is enough” and expect it to mean something!

— Virginia Lawton Boller, Chicago

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