In Chicago, 11 people have been killed this year. That is 9 fewer than 2018.

Data through Saturday, January 12

The Chicago Tribune crime team tracks homicide victims in Chicago and includes all deaths rules a homicide by the medical examiner. This page will be updated weekly.

Homicides, so far this year

When homicides happen

For the previous 365 days

Homicides tend to peak in the summer months, on the weekend and during later hours.




Causes of death

For the previous 365 days

The majority of Chicago homicides are the result of gun violence.

Where homicides happen

For the previous 365 days

Though there are homicides recorded throughout the city they are most concentrated in the South and West sides.

About the victims

For the previous 365 days

The majority of the victims of homicide in Chicago are young, black men.




The victims of homicides

So far in 2019

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Cause of death

12:29 PM, Jan 12

Anthony Adams

55-year-old male

8:00 PM, Jan 11

Malik Tyshun Williams

19-year-old male

8:23 PM, Jan 11

Calvin Lewis

35-year-old male

9:50 PM, Jan 11

Jack D. Richardson

49-year-old male

5:44 AM, Jan 8

Laavion Goings

19-year-old male


4:35 PM, Jan 7

Gregory Jennings

23-year-old male

8:22 PM, Jan 6

Emilio Miranda

21-year-old male

11:44 PM, Jan 5

22-year-old male

3:28 PM, Jan 5


Age unknown

12:54 PM, Jan 3

Wilbert Townsend Morris

25-year-old male

12:54 PM, Jan 3

Marcus Clark

25-year-old male

Source: Shooting victims are tracked by the Chicago Tribune crime team


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