Keys for the White Sox

1. North Side one-sided. If you think Ozzie Guillen will have a tough time without double switches, what about his decision on whom to sit. Does Frank Thomas play first base, or Paul Konerko?

The South Siders have a right for being insulted about interleague injustice, because they have a major inconvenience. There is no DH in Wrigley Field and rookie manager Guillen will make his first major decision before the first pitch.

His next decisions will be how to play National League "little ball," for which he professes his love but for which his plodding team is not built.

2. Daily double. Overlooked in this homer-happy season for the Sox is what Willie Harris and Juan Uribe have done at the top of the batting order.

If the Sox are going to score big-time runs, the top two in the order—and this includes Aaron Rowand at times—absolutely have to get on base. The Frank Thomases and Carlos Lees have someone to drive in. And then Carlos Lee and Paul Konerko can drive in Thomas and Lee.

This is why the Sox have batted around in an inning in double figures. And when the Sox score runs, they win games.

3. Make no mistake about it. It may sound trite, but the White Sox have a way of getting sloppy and losing games.

Example? Game 1 of last weekend's series against the Cubs when the Sox gave up a 1-0 lead in the fifth inning with the help of two careless errors. The Sox pitching staff is not good enough to give up four outs per inning.

Mistake-free ball means the offense as well, because the Sox can run into outs on the bases, although more last year than this. Manager Ozzie Guillen says he and his coaches work daily to cut down on mistakes and, truth be told, it looks like it.