Bel Air, Edgewood ZIP codes account for nearly half of Harford County’s coronavirus cases

Most of Harford County’s 142 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus reported Monday have been concentrated in the central part of the county, according to ZIP code data released by the state this week.

Bel Air's two ZIP codes, 21014 and 21015 make up a combined 40 cases, with the 21040 Edgewood ZIP code accounting for another 30.


The communities of Abingdon (14), Forest Hill (13) and Joppa (12) also had enough cases to be reported by the state.

Data for ZIP codes with seven or fewer cases is suppressed, according to the state’s coronavirus website. This is due to privacy laws, said Molly Mraz, a spokesperson for the Harford County Health Department.


“If we identified cases less than seven in the ZIP codes, it could be easy to identify a person who was positive,” she said. “You could potentially identify someone if you identified case numbers less than seven in the ZIP code based on the information that is already being collected by the State of Maryland.”

Mraz warned that because a resident’s ZIP code isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any any cases of COVID-19 there, and it’s important to continue social distancing.

“COVID-19 is actively being spread throughout the Harford County area and we are stressing as best we can to stay home, practice social distancing, and if you must go out for essentials, to please use a cloth facemask,” she said. “Wash your hands often and if you do not have access to soap and water, use hand sanitizer. The only way we will slow the spread in Harford County is by staying at home.”

There have been no COVID-19 related deaths in Harford County thus far. It is the hardest-hit jurisdiction in Maryland as far as confirmed cases without a death related to the respiratory virus.

Across Maryland, there have been 8,936 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 262 deaths, according to Department of Health data through Monday morning. There have been 42,815 negative test results; 1,975 hospitalizations related to the illness and 603 patients released from isolation since the state began tracking the data in early March.

Harford County confirmed cases by ZIP Code:

21040 (Edgewood) - 30

21015 (Bel Air South) - 23

21014 (Bel Air North) - 17

21009 (Abingdon) - 14

21050 (Forest Hill) - 13

21085 (Joppa) - 12

21001 (Aberdeen) - 0

21005 (APG North) - 0

21010 (APG South) - 0

21013 (Baldwin) - 0

21017 (Belcamp) - 0

21028 (Churchville) - 0

21034 (Darlington) - 0

21047 (Fallston) - 0

21078 (Havre de Grace) - 0

21084 (Jarrettsville) - 0

21087 (Kingsville) - 0

21132 (Pylesville) - 0

21154 (Street) - 0

21160 (Whiteford) - 0

21161 (White Hall) - 0

Note: The Maryland Department of Health is suppressing data for ZIP codes with seven or fewer confirmed cases.