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Name Title Department Email Phone
Trif Alatzas Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Newsroom Leadership trif.alatzas@baltsun.com 410-332-6154
Sam Davis Managing editor/audience Newsroom Leadership sam.davis@baltsun.com 410-332-6534
Kalani Gordon Director/audience and analytics Newsroom Leadership kagordon@baltsun.com 410-332-6499
Anne Tallent Director of content/news Newsroom Leadership atallent@baltsun.com 410-332-6250
Eileen Canzian Director of content/enterprise and investigations Newsroom Leadership ecanzian@baltsun.com 410-332-6171
Jay Judge Director of content/community news and market editor Newsroom Leadership jay.judge@baltsun.com 410-468-2622
Jessica Anderson Police reporter Maryland News jkanderson@baltsun.com 410-332-6625
Liz Bowie Baltimore County schools, state education reporter Maryland News liz.bowie@baltsun.com 410-332-6563
Luke Broadwater State government reporter Maryland News luke.broadwater@baltsun.com 410-332-6930
Colin Campbell Breaking news and transportation reporter Maryland News cmcampbell@baltsun.com 410-332-6129
Scott Dance Environment reporter/weather blogger Maryland News sdance@baltsun.com 410-332-6042
Phil Davis Night emerging news reporter Maryland News pdavis@baltsun.com 410-332-6292
Nick DiMarco Content editor for emerging news Maryland News ndimarco@baltsun.com 410-332-6410
Justin Fenton Criminal justice reporter Maryland News jfenton@baltsun.com 410-332-6019
Ellen Fishel Senior content editor for emerging news Maryland News elfishel@baltsun.com 410-332-6007
John Holland Senior Content Editor/Crime, courts and education Maryland News jholland@baltsun.com 410-332-6689
Amanda Kell Senior Content Editor Maryland News akell@baltsun.com 410-332-6779
Jacques Kelly Columnist and obituary reporter Maryland News jacques.kelly@baltsun.com 410-332-6570
Alison Knezevich Baltimore County & regional reporter Maryland News alisonk@baltsun.com 410-332-6488
Jean Marbella Investigative reporter Maryland News jean.marbella@baltsun.com 410-332-6060
John McIntyre Content editor Maryland News john.mcintyre@baltsun.com 410-332-6206
Wilborn P. Nobles III Baltimore County reporter Maryland News wnobles@baltsun.com 410-332-6106
John O'Connor Suburban news editor Maryland News joconnor@baltsun.com 410-332-6067
McKenna Oxenden Breaking news and justice reporter Maryland News moxenden@baltsun.com 410-332-6874
Jonathan Pitts Religion and statewide enterprise reporter Maryland News jonathan.pitts@baltsun.com 410-332-6990
Tim Prudente Crime and courts reporter Maryland News tprudente@baltsun.com 410-332-6690
Fred Rasmussen Obituaries and morning breaking news reporter Maryland News fred.rasmussen@baltsun.com 410-332-6536
Kevin Rector Investigative reporter Maryland News krector@baltsun.com 410-332-6968
Lillian Reed Breaking news reporter Maryland News lireed@baltsun.com 410-332-6003
Talia Richman Education reporter Maryland News trichman@baltsun.com 410-332-6012
Dan Rodricks Columnist Maryland News dan.rodricks@baltsun.com 410-332-6166
Diana K. Sugg Writing coach Maryland News dsugg@baltsun.com 410-332-6100
Yvonne Wenger Baltimore City and social services reporter Maryland News ywenger@baltsun.com 410-332-6609
Pamela Wood State government reporter Maryland News pwood@baltsun.com 410-332-6717
Jeff Barker Washington correspondent and business of sports reporter Business jeff.barker@baltsun.com 410-332-6771
Meredith Cohn Business and health news reporter Business meredith.cohn@baltsun.com 410-332-6480
Chris Dinsmore Senior content editor, business and health Business cdinsmore@baltsun.com 410-332-6197
Lorraine Mirabella Development, tourism and law reporter Business lorraine.mirabella@baltsun.com 410-332-6672
Jennifer Badie Sports content editor Sports jennifer.badie@baltsun.com 410-332-6486
John Coffren Sports editorial assistant Sports john.coffren@baltsun.com 410-332-6200
C.J. Doon Sports content coordinator Sports cdoon@baltsun.com 410-332-6063
Glenn Graham High school sports reporter Sports glenn.graham@baltsun.com 410-332-6636
Andrew D. Knobel Breaking news/Sports content editor Sports andy.knobel@baltsun.com 410-332-6659
Edward Lee Sports reporter Sports edward.lee@baltsun.com 410-715-2813
Don Markus College sports reporter Sports don.markus@baltsun.com 410-332-6200
Jon Meoli Orioles reporter Sports jmeoli@baltsun.com 410-332-6194
Daniel Oyefusi Ravens and sports breaking news reporter Sports doyefusi@baltsun.com 410-332-6100
Mike Preston Sports columnist Sports mike.preston@baltsun.com 410-332-6467
Nathan Ruiz Orioles beat writer and general assignment reporter Sports nruiz@baltsun.com 410-332-6212
Peter Schmuck Sports columnist Sports peter.schmuck@baltsun.com 410-332-6136
Jonas Shaffer Ravens reporter Sports jshaffer@baltsun.com 410-332-6212
Childs Walker Sports reporter Sports childs.walker@baltsun.com 410-332-6893
Kamau High Content Editor for features and emerging news Entertainment & Life khigh@baltsun.com 410-332-6004
Chris Kaltenbach Local entertainment reporter Entertainment & Life chris.kaltenbach@baltsun.com 410-332-6957
Mike Klingaman Sports and magazines reporter Entertainment & Life mike.klingaman@baltsun.com 410-332-6456
Mary Carole McCauley Books and features general assignment reporter Entertainment & Life mary.mccauley@baltsun.com 410-332-6704
Rachel Cieri Mull Senior content editor for features Entertainment & Life rmull@baltsun.com 410-332-6433
Sameer Rao Arts and entertainment reporter Entertainment & Life srao@baltsun.com 410-332-6160
Lori Sears Features content editor Entertainment & Life lori.sears@baltsun.com 410-332-6405
Christina Tkacik Dining reporter Entertainment & Life ctkacik@baltsun.com 410-332-6033
John-John Williams IV Features reporter Entertainment & Life john-john.williams@baltsun.com 410-332-6014
Tricia Bishop Deputy editorial page editor Opinion tricia.bishop@baltsun.com 410-332-6150
Peter Jensen Editorial writer Opinion peter.jensen@baltsun.com 410-332-6164
Andrea McDaniels Editorial writer Opinion amcdaniels@baltsun.com 410-332-6879
David Zurawik Television and local media critic Opinion david.zurawik@baltsun.com 410-332-6626
Steve Earley Content editor/Audience, interactives/data Audience Engagement / Mobile / Multimedia steve.earley@baltsun.com 410-332-6259
Thalia Juarez Community coordinator Audience Engagement / Mobile / Multimedia tjuarez@baltsun.com 410-332-6176
Hallie Miller Community coordinator Audience Engagement / Mobile / Multimedia hmiller@baltsun.com 410-332-6435
Leeann Adams Senior Visuals Content Editor Visuals leeann.adams@baltsun.com 410-332-6045
Amy Davis Photographer Visuals amy.davis@baltsun.com 410-332-6940
Karl Merton Ferron Photographer Visuals karl.ferron@baltsun.com 410-332-6448
Lloyd Fox Visuals Content Editor for Enterprise/Investigations Visuals lloyd.fox@baltsun.com 410-332-6945
Barbara Haddock Taylor Photographer Visuals barbara.haddock@baltsun.com 410-332-6940
Kim Hairston Photographer Visuals kim.hairston@baltsun.com 410-332-6940
Jerry Jackson Visuals Content Editor/Emerging News Visuals jerry.jackson@baltsun.com 410-332-6566
Kenneth Lam Photographer Visuals kenneth.lam@baltsun.com 410-332-6940
Ulysses Muñoz Videographer Visuals umunoz@baltsun.com 410-332-6332, 860-718-6313
Kevin Richardson Visuals content editor/Sports Visuals kevin.richardson@baltsun.com 410-332-6205
Denise Sanders Photo technician Visuals dasanders@baltsun.com 410-332-6280
Christine Zhang Data journalist Interactive Design & Development czhang@baltsun.com 410-332-6288
Tracie Rawson Design editor Design trawson@baltsun.com 757-247-7422
Bill Wachsberger Design director Design bwachsberger@baltsun.com 410-332-6965
Paul McCardell Research librarian Administration / Library paul.mccardell@baltsun.com 410-332-6933
Debbie Rice Newsroom administrator Administration / Library debbie.rice@baltsun.com 410-332-6843

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