The best slow-pitch softball bat

If you’re struggling to hold onto the slow-pitch bat, redo the grip area on the handle of the bat. You can also try wearing baseball or softball batting gloves to help with your grip.
If you’re struggling to hold onto the slow-pitch bat, redo the grip area on the handle of the bat. You can also try wearing baseball or softball batting gloves to help with your grip. (BestReviews)

For the slow-pitch softball player, finding just the right bat is a huge decision. Players need to generate a lot of power and bat speed in order to deliver home runs and other big hits.

The best slow-pitch softball bats are available in a wide range of pricing. The best way to find the right slow-pitch bat for you is to set your maximum budget and focus on finding a bat that fits your swing needs. An excellent choice is the Easton Rebel Slow-Pitch Softball Bat, which has a weight distribution that encourages more bat speed.


What to know before you buy a slow-pitch softball bat

A good way to pick a slow-pitch bat is to take time to understand how manufacturers construct these bats. Here are some slow-pitch options.


The least expensive bats for slow-pitch consist of either aluminum or an aluminum alloy. These bats deliver good durability. Most slow-pitch leagues allow these types of bats.


Some people prefer composite bats, which consist of many different materials, including carbon fiber and graphite. However, some leagues do not allow these bats because of the extra power they deliver.


A one-piece bat is a common design in slow-pitch bats, especially for lower-priced models.

More expensive bats for slow-pitch softball have a two-piece design. The barrel consists of one type of material, and the handle is a different material. The two-piece bat provides a bit more flex, which generates more power than the one-piece design.

Another design feature is the number of walls inside the barrel. Newer designs use two or more walls inside the barrel, which generates more power. However, some softball leagues outlaw double-wall and triple-wall designs in the bats.


Weight distribution

The weight distribution in a slow-pitch softball bat is something you should seriously consider.

Players who want to focus on precision placement may choose a balanced weight bat. This type of bat has an even distribution of weight throughout the length of the bat.

Players who want more power may want an end-loaded bat. This bat uses around an ounce of extra weight near the end of the bat to help the player generate more power in the swing. However, an end-loaded bat is more difficult to control and may lead to more missed hits.

Slow-pitch softball bat features

For those who play fast-pitch softball, it’s not possible to use the same bat in a slow-pitch game. Fast-pitch bats have very different specifications compared to slow-pitch bats.

Here are some of the most important specifications to consider when purchasing a softball bat for the slow-pitch game.

Barrel diameter

All slow-pitch softball bats have a 2.25-inch diameter in the barrel. Baseball and fast-pitch softball bats are available in varying diameters, especially for youth players. However, slow-pitch softball bats do not vary.


All slow-pitch bats must measure 34-inches in length. Again, baseball and fast-pitch softball bats are available in multiple length options, but slow-pitch bats only have one length.


Most slow-pitch bats weigh between 25-30 ounces. Players that want more power should get a heavier bat, as long as they can control the weight during their swing. Other players may need a lightweight bat, especially those who struggle to generate bat speed.

Sanctioning standards

Most slow-pitch softball bats must meet certain regulatory standards. Every league has its own rules about bat standards. The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) test bats to ensure they match the rules of the game.

Slow-pitch softball bat cost 

The least expensive slow-pitch softball bats cost around $30-$50. Mid-range bats cost anywhere from $50-$100. At the top end, players could pay $300 or more for a high-quality bat.

Slow-pitch softball bat FAQ

Do slow-pitch bats require any special care?

A. If you want to use your bat for as long as possible, it's best to avoid using it in cold weather. You also shouldn't hit dimpled balls from a pitching machine, as this will shorten its lifespan.

Can I buy a used slow-pitch bat?

A. You can, but use caution. All bats have a limited useful lifespan, so if you buy a heavily used bat, it may not give you top performance. Used bats are rarely a good purchase.

Which slow-pitch softball bat should I get?

Best of the best slow-pitch softball bat

Easton Rebel Slow-Pitch Softball Bat: available at Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Our take: This bat allows you to generate the power you need for your softball game. It utilizes military-grade aluminum alloy material.

What we like: Uses an extremely thin handle and has additional weight in the barrel, which results in very fast swing speeds.

What we dislike: This weight distribution may be difficult for some players who struggle to control the swing.

Best bang for your buck slow-pitch softball bat

Easton Hammer Slow-Pitch Softball Bat: available at Amazon

Our take: Those who play in highly competitive leagues will appreciate the performance level of this Easton bat.

What we like: Has a large hitting spot, which ensures maximum power even when the swing path is slightly off. Thin handle allows weight to go into the barrel.

What we dislike: Not quite as durable as some other options and is subject to dents.

Honorable mention slow-pitch softball bat

Louisville Slugger Super Z1000 Endload Slow-Pitch Softball Bat: available at Amazon

Our take: Great selection for players who may need help generating extra bat speed.

What we like: Places extra weight at the end of the barrel for improved power. Very thin handle increases the desired weight distribution.

What we dislike: Very expensive, so it's not the best choice for recreational-level players.

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