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If you’re raising your own chickens, these are the 11 best egg incubators

It’s unlikely that all the eggs you put in an incubator will hatch. If none of the eggs do, there’s usually an issue with the incubator. Double-check the settings and test the incubator before adding more eggs.

11 great egg incubators for your home flock

With the price of eggs soaring, raising chickens has become ever more popular, and incubating those eggs is essential for a successful hatch. Egg incubators provide the warmth and humidity necessary for hatching, and many turn the eggs automatically. Incubators work for different bird species, including ducks, quails, pigeons and geese. When buying one, consider its size, materials, egg turning capabilities, humidity controls and price.

Considerations when choosing an egg incubator


Egg incubators vary in terms of how many eggs they can hold. If you're raising chickens as a hobby, a smaller model that holds six to 12 chicken eggs is usually sufficient.


Eggs vary in size depending on the bird species. Chicken eggs, for example, are smaller than goose eggs, so an incubator that can hold a dozen chicken eggs may only hold two or three goose eggs.

Forced air vs. still air

Automatic forced air incubators are the most user-friendly and require the least effort. Those that use still air take longer to heat up, and you must manually turn the eggs each day. Manual incubators are usually more durable and don't experience as many mechanical issues.


Features of egg incubators


Egg incubators are typically made of non-toxic, easy-to-clean ABS plastic or polypropylene and feature metal or ceramic heating elements. They may break down over time but are easy to replace.

Egg turning

Eggs must be turned regularly to prevent the developing chick from sticking to the bottom of the shell. The eggs mustn't be rotated during the last 3-4 days of incubation, as it may injure the chick.

If you buy an incubator with an automatic egg turner, ensure it shuts off the turning feature during the last few days. Some may require you to shut it off manually.

Humidity controls

Adequate humidity is critical to prevent the air sac from becoming too thick or dry. Choose an incubator with adjustable humidity controls to enhance your hatch rate.

Ease of cleaning

Keeping an incubator clean is crucial for healthy hatching. Buy an easy-to-clean model that comes apart so you can disinfect its various components.


Egg incubators range from $30-$1,800. Small manual incubators cost between $30 and $40, mid-size automatic incubators cost $40-$100 and commercial-grade incubators cost up to $1,800.


What's the best incubation temperature for chicken eggs?

A. In a forced air incubator, the ideal temperature is 99 degrees. In a still-air model, the best temperature is 101 degrees. An incubator should never reach over 102 degrees, or it will kill the embryos.

What's the best way to clean and sanitize an egg incubator?

A. You should use a sponge with warm water and mild liquid soap. Use an incubation disinfectant agent to disinfect its surfaces. Allow the incubator to dry for at least 24 hours before placing eggs in it.


Best egg incubators

Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This popular egg incubator is user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It fits around a dozen eggs and automatically turns them. It has automatic temperature and humidity controls.

iTavah Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This features an automatic egg turner and does an terrific job circulating air. It holds up to a dozen eggs and has an easy-to-read temperature display.

Brinsea Products Mini II Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This compact incubator features a durable design. It turns eggs automatically and lets you see them as they incubate. It holds up to seven eggs.


Manna Pro Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator: available at Amazon

This has a clear top, letting you see your eggs from all angles as they incubate. It holds up to 22 eggs and turns them automatically. Many reviewers said it was easy to use and clean.

Uzumati Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This features a whimsical design and an easy-to-read temperature display. The movable dividers make it easy to incubate eggs of varying sizes. It automatically turns the eggs every 2 hours.

Sailnovo Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

It has a built-in egg candler, letting you observe the inside of your eggs. It turns them automatically and accommodates eggs of varying sizes. It fits up to 12 chicken eggs.


Farm Innovators Digital Circulated Air Incubator: available at Amazon

This heats quickly and has a digital display that counts the days until your eggs hatch. It holds up to 41 eggs and is made from recycled materials. Many reviewers said it improved their hatch rate and was easy to clean.

Kebonnixs 12-Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This features a built-in humidity display, egg candler and automatic egg turner. The clear design lets you watch your eggs as they incubate. It stops turning them automatically during the last 3 days.

TrioCottage Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

This has a cute design and an automatic egg turner. It's an easy-to-use option that's simple for beginners.


Apdoe Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

It turns eggs automatically and has a clear lid, letting you observe them. It's affordable and easy to use.

Safego Egg Incubator: available at Amazon

It holds up to 16 chicken eggs and features an intuitive display. The built-in egg candler lets you track the progress of each egg.

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