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Avoid transitioning to new food immediately and instead slowly mix in new formula with old over the course of 10 to 14 days. Monitor your dog for any adverse reactions to the new food and always serve it in a clean bowl.
Avoid transitioning to new food immediately and instead slowly mix in new formula with old over the course of 10 to 14 days. Monitor your dog for any adverse reactions to the new food and always serve it in a clean bowl. (BestReviews)

The most important decision you may make for a beloved furry friend is the type of food they

eat. The proper dog food should match the needs of your canine's breed, size, activity level and age, and may even cater to specific issues or deficiencies.


Natural Balance has provided quality dog food to dedicated pet owners for over 30 years, with a range of recipes formulated to meet any number of needs. Our top pick is their Limited Ingredients Diet Sweet Potato and Venison for dogs with certain sensitivities, though it's just one of many potential options. Our guide has all you need to know about Natural Balance dog food.

What to know before you buy Natural Balance dog food


When shopping for Natural Balance dog food, the best way to narrow down choices is to understand the various formulas available.


Original Ultra is their nutrient-rich, all-around food that caters to most dogs. It’s available in wet and dry formulas, with the primary ingredient most often chicken.

For dogs with allergies or sensitivities, look to the Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.), which offer recipes that shy away from common allergens. These are available with or without grains, in wet or dry and feature some of the more expensive ingredients, such as bison, duck or salmon. Delectable Delights, meanwhile, is a line of wet food for particular dogs who need some aromatic incentives in their meal.

Synergy is an option for dogs with digestive issues and includes fiber, protein and prebiotics, while Fat Dogs is a single recipe for pups who need to manage their weight. Lastly, Natural Balance also offers a line of vegetarian food for the meat-free diet.


Most dry food comes in one of three sizes. Smaller bags are around five pounds, with medium options running up to 15 pounds and the biggest bags at 25 to 30 pounds. Buying a larger bag costs less per pound, but make sure your dog enjoys the food and that you can properly store it.


Wet food typically comes in packs of 12, with six- and 13-ounce cans available.


In addition to main meals, Natural Balance offers a line of treats. Mini-Rewards are calorie-light options for quick praising, while Belly Bites are slightly more substantial treats for all ages and sizes.

Dental chews help with oral health, including bad breath, while Jumpin’ Stix target those dogs who need hip or joint help.

Natural Balance dog food cost

Most medium bags of dry food cost $20-$40, with Limited Ingredients Diets tending toward the more expensive end.

Natural Balance dog food FAQ

Q. Is dry food or wet food better for my dog?

A. In general, most dog owners opt for dry food, as it lasts a long time, is easy to store and costs less. It also helps clean teeth. Picky eaters may want wet food, as it's more aromatic and enticing. It's also beneficial for dogs with teeth or gum issues, or those who are frequently dehydrated and don't drink enough water. If you're unsure, you should speak with your veterinarian.

Q. How do I know if my dog needs a limited-ingredient diet recipe?

A. Sensitives and allergens may be present at a young age or can develop over time, particularly as dogs enter their senior years. Excessive itching, scratching, drooling or shedding may be caused by a reaction to a certain ingredient. Common allergens include chicken, corn, soy or dairy. Some breeds may be more predisposed to sensitivities than others; it's advised to consult your veterinarian about problems and potential solutions.

Which Natural Balance dog food should I get?

Our take: Popular and balanced limited-ingredient formula packed with nutrients for dogs of all ages.

What we like: Free of chicken, grain, corn, wheat, soy and artificial ingredients. Easy to digest; popular flavor. Includes omega-3s and flaxseed to promote skin and coat health.

What we dislike: One of the pricier formulas. Consult a vet about serving grain-free recipes.

Our take: Quality, affordable formula ideal for all sizes and ages, promoting balanced health.

What we like: Features a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbs. For puppies, adult and senior dogs. Low price.

What we dislike: Includes a lot of chicken. Doesn't target any ailments or sensitivities.

Our take: Dogs love this salmon formula that's gentle on stomachs and may ease sensitivities, though it comes at cost for owners.

What we like: Grain-free formula that lacks corn, soy, wheat, chicken and any legumes. Includes vitamins, minerals and moisture for keeping dogs hydrated.

What we dislike: Expensive. Somewhat odorous, especially for dry food.

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