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Avoid rolling out your pizza dough on a peel. The dough is much more likely to stick, so you’ll have a difficult time getting the pizza off the peel and onto the hot pizza stone.
Avoid rolling out your pizza dough on a peel. The dough is much more likely to stick, so you’ll have a difficult time getting the pizza off the peel and onto the hot pizza stone. (BestReviews)

Making pizza at home is always fun, but if you want to add a little more authenticity to the process, having a pizza peel is an absolute necessity. With a peel, you're able to easily transfer your prepared pizza to a hot pizza stone inside your oven and achieve a deliciously charred, crispy crust like you get at your favorite pizzeria. A peel has a flat paddle for holding the pizza, but its handle is long, so you don't have to worry about burning yourself when you make the transfer. However, not all peels are created equal, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options.

To learn more, keep reading our buying guide, which has all the tips you'll need to find the best pizza peel for any pizza-making adventure. Our top choice is from Pizza Royale, which is made from natural bamboo that's not only antimicrobial but eco-friendly, too.


Considerations when choosing pizza peels



Wood is the classic material for a pizza peel because it effectively prevents the dough from sticking. It also works well as a cutting board for your pizza once it's done baking. However, a wooden peel can warp and absorb stains and smells over time. Many are somewhat bulky, so they can be difficult to handle.

Metal pizza peels are durable, easy to clean, and thin enough to make maneuvering them less work, but pizza dough sticks more easily to metal than it does to wood.

Composite peels are also low-maintenance, but they tend to be thicker than metal, so they can be slightly more challenging to maneuver. Their handles are usually shorter, which can make sliding the pizza all the way to the back of the oven more difficult.


A pizza peel typically has a rounded shape to mimic the shape of a traditional pizza. You can also find square peels that work well for home use.



Choosing the best size for your pizza peel depends on the size of the pizzas you usually make. To be able to make both small and large pizzas, opt for a peel that's at least 14 inches in width and 15 inches in length.


You want a peel with a handle that's long enough to easily reach the back of the oven. In most cases, that means the handle should be 19 to 38 inches long. If you opt for a peel with a handle that's as long as 38 inches, it can have as much as 56 inches in total length, so you may have trouble storing it. Some models have a folding handle to allow for easier storage.


You usually pay between $15 and $70 for a pizza peel. Wooden peels generally go for $15 to $70, while metal peels cost between $16 and $55. Composite peels can range from $30 to $60.



Q. What size pizza peel do I need to make a pizza for my family?

A. If you're making large pizzas to feed the entire family, you want a peel that's at least 15 inches wide. If you want to make small individual pizzas, you can opt for a peel that's around 12 inches in width.

Q. What else can I use a pizza peel for?

A. A peel comes in handy for placing baked goods in the oven and removing them when they're done. It can also do double duty as a serving platter for hors d'oeuvres or a cheese board when you're having a party.

Pizza peels we recommend

Our take: A high-quality bamboo peel for eco-minded pizza makers.

What we like: Provides both top-notch performance and appearance. Dough doesn't stick to the surface. Offers high durability. Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly material and naturally antimicrobial.

What we dislike: Smaller than other peels.

Best bang for your buck: Chef Pomodoro's Aluminum Pizza Peel

Our take: An affordable aluminum peel that offers easy storage.

What we like: Aluminum construction is durable and easy to clean. Good size for large pizzas. Features folding handle for easy storage.

What we dislike: Handle isn't firmly attached to the paddle.

Our take: An excellent peel that's made with high-quality acacia wood.

What we like: Features an affordable price tag. Peel is wide enough for 16-inch pizzas. Dough doesn't stick to the surface. Handle length makes it easy to get a good grip.

What we dislike: Wood can crack and split over time.

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