The best cake pop maker

A good diet is all about portion control. It's okay to indulge as long as it's in moderation. A cake pop maker allows you to create the goodies you crave while keeping the portion sizes manageable, so you don't sabotage all of your diligent work.

The best cake pop makers heat evenly and have features that make cooking a safe hobby. Our favorite is the Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker, an affordably priced unit with all the right features. To learn more about this model as well as what to look for in a cake pop maker, keep reading.

Considerations when choosing cake pop makers

Three questions to ask

When purchasing a cake pop maker, there are three quick questions to ask yourself:

Does this model have adequate safety features?

You want a cake pop maker that's safe for you and your kids, so look for nonskid rubber feet, a latching lid, cool-touch handles, and a power light (to let you know when the unit is hot).

How well does it do its job?

The best cake pop maker seals the batter in, so there's minimal leaking. It will have a preheat mode to warm the device to the proper temperature. It cooks quickly and evenly with no hot spots, and it makes the size, shape, and amount of cake pops that you desire.

How easy is it to clean and store?

You want a compact cake pop maker with nonstick cooking plates for ease of cleaning and a cord that wraps around the unit for effortless storage.

Included accessories

Beyond the aforementioned essentials, there are a few features that can enhance the user experience of making cake pops:

Interchangeable plates are fun because they allow you to make a variety of shapes.

A recipe book can help get you started, but ultimately, you will likely hunt down or create your own family favorites.


An initial set of sticks along with a cooling stand are great items to have, so you can make cake pops as soon as you open the box.

A piping bag is also a thoughtful addition because it allows you to fill the molds with ease.



A good cake pop maker doesn't require a huge investment; for $12 you can purchase a decent entry-level model that bakes seven to nine cake pops at a time. As you climb the price ladder, you add safety and convenience features, but the capacity might not change a great deal. For $50, you can find a model that lets you make a variety of shapes, has a preheating mode, and a number of interchangeable non-stick plates.


Q. How many calories are in a cake pop?

A. That's the beauty of this device. You can use virtually any recipe you'd like. If you want cake pops that are less than 100 calories each, that's as doable as a decadent treat that's more than 250 calories. The choice is yours; you are in full control.

Q. How long do cake pops last?

A. Most cake pops will be good for at least two days. However, you can extend this time by putting them in the freezer or in an airtight container. Conversely, you will shorten the shelf life of a batch if you just leave them sitting out on the counter.

Cake pop makers we recommend

Best of the best: Babycakes' Mini Cake Pop Maker

Our take: An affordable reliable no-fuss cake pop maker.

What we like: Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker has non-stick baking plates, so you can effortlessly make a batch of nine pops in just about five minutes of cooking time. Non-skid rubber feet, a latching handle, and a power light are all appreciated safety features.

What we dislike: These cake pops may be smaller than anticipated.

Best bang for your buck: Disney's Mickey Cake Pop Maker

Our take: A cute novelty cake pop maker that creates treats in the shape of Mickey's familiar head.

What we like: This unit makes four cake pops at a time — the perfect amount for just a few treats. The kit includes a piping bag for easy filling and a starter set of 25 cake pop sticks.

What we dislike: The pops are flatter in shape, and they don't necessarily have the roundness you may be expecting.

Choice 3: Brentwood's Cake Pop Maker

Our take: A quick and easy cake pop maker that can whip up a dozen in less than five minutes.

What we like: Nonstick surface simplifies the baking process. The preheat indicator helps you know when the time is right for adding the batter, and the cool-touch handles are an appreciated safety feature.

What we dislike: Some users found that the bottoms tend to overcook.

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