Upgrade your Thanksgiving plans and cut down on cooking time with one of the best turkey fryers

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Which turkey fryers are best?

Turkey day is rapidly approaching in the U.S. and with it comes the dreaded task of piecing together a Thanksgiving feast. If it's your turn to take charge of the centerpiece bird, you have some cooking options. One of the most common methods is to use a giant deep fryer pot. It's so commonly used for turkeys on Thanksgiving that the sets are typically called turkey fryers. These sets come in all sizes with all kinds of extras, so make sure you get one that will fit your turkey.

Turkey fryer benefits

Cooking a turkey in a specialized fryer has several benefits over roasting it in your oven. The biggest benefit is that it takes drastically less time. A 15-pound turkey can be cooked to perfection in a turkey fryer in about 45-75 minutes. The same size bird can take 3-5 hours in an oven.


Also, because of both the greatly reduced cooking time and being surrounded by liquid, your turkey should come out with an extra crispy and flavorful skin plus a wonderfully juicy interior.

Finally, using a turkey fryer frees up a huge amount of kitchen space for you to make the rest of the usual Thanksgiving dishes; or, at the very least, keep everyone else's dishes warm.



Capacity is important when shopping for turkey fryers because you want it to complement the size of the turkey you need. Otherwise, getting the turkey in and out can be made more difficult — if it even fits at all.

Turkey fryers come in all sizes, though they're typically between 25 and 40 quarts. The size pot you need per pound of turkey is:

  • For 12 pounds you need a roughly 26- to 30-quart pot. This feeds about nine and a half people.
  • For 14 pounds you need a roughly 30- to 34-quart pot. This feeds about 11 people.
  • For 16 pounds you need a roughly 34- to 38-quart pot. This feeds about 13 people.
  • For 18 pounds you need a roughly 38- to 40-quart pot. This feeds about 14.5 people.
  • For 20 pounds you need at least a 40-quart pot. This feeds about 16 people.

What's included

The most minimalistic turkey fryer set isn't a set at all, but just a single pot. However, this is uncommon.

Instead, most basic sets include a pot with a lid, a poultry rack and a grab hook. They may or may not include a burner.

The next level of sets includes all of that and especially a burner. It also tends to include a flavor injector and a thermometer. It might also throw in a small frying panlike shallow pot with or without a basket and a heat-resistant glove


Turkey fryers, and any other cooking gear full of boiling oil, need to be used safely. The number one rule is to never leave it cooking alone. If you need to step away, make sure someone else steps up. You should also have a fire extinguisher handy at all times. Never — never ever — try to put out an oil fire with water. It will explode.


Small sets such as those that only include a pot and potentially another item or two can cost as little as $30, though $50-$75 is more common. Larger sets typically cost $100-$150. The biggest sets can cost up to $200.

Best turkey fryers

This fryer set includes a 30-quart pot with a basket, a burner with protective rings to keep the pot from being knocked over, a grab hook, a thermometer and a flavor injector.


This set is perfect for those that already have a burner as it doesn't include one. It does include a 30-quart fryer pot, a poultry rack, a grab hook, a flavor injector and a thermometer.

This set also doesn't include a burner, but it does include a fryer pot with a basket, a poultry rack, a grab hook, a thermometer and a flavor injector.

This unique cooker simulates deep frying a turkey but doesn't use any oil. Instead, it uses infrared cooking technology. It includes a cooking basket with a lifter and a thermometer.

This fryer set includes a 30-quart pot with a basket and burner, a frying pan with a basket, a flavor injector, a poultry rack and a grab hook. The burner can reach 50,000 Btu.

This fryer set includes a 44-quart pot with a basket, a vented lid, an insulated glove, a poultry rack, a grab hook, a flavor injector, a burner and a thermometer that goes up to 750 degrees.

This small 24-quart fryer with burner is perfect for cooking smaller turkeys and doing crawfish, crab and shrimp boils. The burner has an air controller to moderate the gas to maintain a blue flame.


This fryer kit includes a 30-quart pot with a matching basket and burner, a shallow pan with its own basket, a turkey rack, a lifting hook, a thermometer and a flavor injector. The burner is square for extra stability.

This deep fryer pot with burner has a capacity of 29 quarts and comes with a thermometer, a turkey rack and a lifting hook. The burner can reach up to 38,000 Btu.

This set includes a 29-quart deep fryer pot with a lid, basket and burner, a lifting rack, a thermometer and a frying pan with a basket and heat-resistant handle. The burner can reach 33,000 Btu.

This kit includes a 30-quart deep fryer pot with a cooking basket and burner, a chromium-plated hanger, a flavor injector and a thermometer. Its base is stable and the burner has a maximum heat rating of 54,000 Btu.

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