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Create a festive balloon arch for your next party with the help of a kit

It’s possible to slip a smaller balloon inside a larger balloon using a chopstick or similar object so that when you inflate them (outer balloon first), you create a dazzling effect.

8 balloon arch kits to set the tone for a great time

Balloon arches create a festive environment for your guests. These kits take time to assemble but are surprisingly affordable. They are an excellent backdrop for selfies, so your guests will surely share fun photos from your party on social media.

It’s essential to consider the arch’s size and how easy it is to set up. You’ll want to ensure it has enough balloons to enhance the celebratory decor and buy one that matches your party’s color scheme. If you can’t find a kit with the right colors or types of balloons, consider buying a bare-bones kit and purchasing the balloons separately.


Considerations when choosing balloon arch kits

Indoor vs. outdoor party

All balloon arches can be used indoors, but the wind can pose a problem for outdoor use. An outdoor balloon arch must be rugged and specifically designated as suitable for outdoor use. Consider buying larger balloons and inflating them to smaller sizes. For example, 12-inch balloons handle sunlight better when inflated to around 8 inches.

Balloon arch support

Budget kits contain a strip where you’ll insert balloons. This strip forms an arch on its own if hydrogen balloons are used — otherwise, you’ll have to work to achieve the desired effect. You must ensure your arch is stable so it stays in place throughout the celebration. You can use clamps to fasten smaller balloon arches to a table, whereas standing ones can be placed on the floor.




Consider your available space before buying a balloon arch. Large rooms will appear underwhelming if the arch is too small, whereas small spaces will look crowded if it’s too large.

Number of balloons

The more balloons your arch can accommodate, the more festive it looks. However, intricate arches take longer to assemble. Still, if you don’t mind the time and effort, fuller balloon arches look more impressive.


Arch kits with a pump, balloon-tying device and double-sided tape will reduce the time it takes to set up your arch. Kits with accessories may cost more. Still, you may have to buy some accessories separately if they aren't included.


You can buy single-use kits for around $10. Reusable kits include everything you need and cost about $30-$50.


Q. How long does it take to set up a balloon arch?

A. You must inflate and tie each balloon before assembling your arch. If you're a novice, this process can take several hours. However, it's possible to construct large arches in around an hour with a bit of practice.

Q. How far in advance can I assemble my balloon arch?

A. If you use untreated helium-filled balloons, they may only last 12 hours. Air-filled balloons can last a week or longer.

Best balloon arch kits

Party Zealot Adjustable Table Balloon Arch Kit: available at Amazon

This is a reasonably priced, adjustable balloon arch kit designed to be fastened to a table. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. It can fit most tables with a 1.5-inch thickness and comes with a hand pump, two table clips, poles and 50 balloon clips. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble.


Coogam Balloon Decorating Strip Kit for Arch Garland: available at Amazon

This kit features two 16-foot balloon tape strips with 110 holes. The holes are slotted to help facilitate assembly, and the kit includes two tie tools.

Langxun 12-foot Table Balloon Arch Kit: available at Amazon

This set comes with sturdy poles that are virtually unbreakable. Adjusting the height and length is straightforward. It holds around 120 balloons. Many reviewers said it only took around five minutes to assemble.

Holicolor Balloon Arch Kitavailable at Amazon

This kit includes a water-weighted base, two hand pumps, pipes, 60 balloon clips, stakes and rope. It is 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It’s sturdy, though it may wobble in windy conditions.


AiTuiTui Round Balloon Arch Kitavailable at Amazon

It is affordable and comes with hooks to fasten it to a wall. However, it doesn’t have a stand or support. It is lightweight but sturdy. Many reviewers said it’s easy to put together, but it doesn’t come with instructions.

Zesliwy Navy Blue Gold Balloons Garland Kitavailable at Amazon

This comes with 47 navy balloons, 47 white balloons, 10 gold confetti balloons and 25 gold metallic balloons. The balloons’ quality is adequate, though a few reviewers said some of them popped during assembly.

Topsolid Rose Gold Balloons Garland Arch Kit: available at Amazon

This kit comes with 87 balloons, a foil fringe curtain, a table runner, two rolls of tape and a balloon-tying tool. It is made with high-quality materials and looks gorgeous.


Levfla Doughnut Balloons Pastel Decoration Kitavailable at Amazon

This features a fun theme and comes with 12 paper doughnut cutouts and a large doughnut balloon. The pastel colors stand out. It makes an excellent backdrop for selfies.

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