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The best white decorative pillow

If you’re in search of a small decor piece that’ll make a big impact, consider white decorative pillows. You can display these accent items in many different places throughout your home, from the bedroom to the rec room. You can also move the pillows from one piece of furniture to another. They take up very little space while leaving a lasting impression.

The Saro Lifestyle Smocked Square Decorative Pillow uses a design detail called smocking typically reserved for clothing ― and to great effect. The smocked texture gives this throw pillow a look that's both unique and striking.


What to know before you buy a white decorative pillow

White shades to consider 

You might be surprised to discover how many different shades of white exist. Some are likely familiar to you, while others are lesser-known. And even the most subtle shade variations make an impact on the look of white decorative pillows. Shades of white include the following:

  • Off-white
  • Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Dove
  • Alabaster
  • Pearl
  • Bone
  • Eggshell
  • Parchment
  • Seashell
  • Ivory

Complementary colors 

There are good reasons why people tend to favor white in their decor scheme. Its neutrality is one of those reasons. White makes an excellent canvas for your other pieces and white decorative pillows are a great accent for your furniture. Colors that look especially nice when juxtaposed against white include:

  • Mint green
  • Cranberry
  • Bubblegum pink
  • Charcoal
  • Navy blue
  • Mango
  • Powder blue
  • Chocolate brown

Stay cohesive with furniture design

A cohesive overall decor scheme is critical for a pleasing design aesthetic. Since white decorative pillows typically get displayed on furniture, the style of the pillows should always complement the piece of furniture for which they're intended. Picture the sofa, loveseat, armchair or recliner on which you want to place the pillows. Keep an eye out for similar lines, design details and complementary colors.

White decorative pillow features


Round, oval and tubular throw pillows aren’t as widely available as those in a square or rectangle shape. But if you’re looking for a glamorous look reminiscent of royalty or Old Hollywood, a round decorative pillow designed with pleats and a center button fits the bill.

Square and rectangular throw pillows are better for people seeking a classic and timeless design. They’re also extremely versatile, fitting into nearly any design style. And if you wish for your decorative pillows to double as a place to rest your head while lounging, square pillows are a great option.


Since white decorative pillows are accents, they should never be so large that they overwhelm the furniture. Additionally, the smaller the piece of furniture, the smaller you should skew on the pillows. Otherwise, you could end up with a space that’s overcrowded and has a cluttered look.


The materials used to construct white decorative pillows are virtually endless in scope. Cotton and polyester are used most frequently. Ultra-soft materials sometimes used include faux fur, velvet and microfiber. Some throw pillows are stuffed with warm and cozy down filler, while others are filled with material like feathers or polyester.

Solid vs. patterned

Patterns are a popular design detail used on many white decorative pillows. You’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to the patterns you can find on throw pillows. Some are ornate, while others are spare. Some are multi-colored with varying shades of white, while others are monotone.

On the other hand, solid colors are easier to fit into your design scheme. You have fewer details you need to consider. And solid decorative pillows are far from boring, with many featuring textured details like pleating, ruching and smocking.

White decorative pillow cost 

The average decorative pillow isn’t cheap. The majority start at approximately $50 and get more expensive from there. However, with vigilant hunting, you can find some that cost around $25-$35.


White decorative pillow FAQ

Where can you display white decorative pillows?

A. While throw pillows are typically displayed in the living room, family room and bedrooms, you're not limited to these rooms. You could also place them on couches and chairs in a rec room, sunroom, den, enclosed porch or on a banquette in the kitchen.

What are red flags in white decorative pillows? 

A. Certain types of damage sustained by white decorative pillows are indicative of manufacturing defects of overall poor quality of workmanship. You should steer clear of throw pillows with material that's shrinking or puckering. Seams that are loose, uneven or crooked are another red flag that signifies shoddy materials or manufacturing. If the cover of the pillow is secured with a zipper, test the zipper to ensure it slides smoothly and that none of the teeth are crooked.

Which white decorative pillow should I get?

Best of the best white decorative pillow

Saro Lifestyle Smocked Square Decorative Pillow: available at Macy's

Our take: This ultra-stylish decorative pillow demonstrates that smocked texturing looks as nice on a pillow as it does on clothes.

What we like: Knotted strands create a smocked effect on the face of this 20-by-20-inch square pillow. The cover is 100% cotton and the insert is filled with down for premium quality. A zipper closure secures the cover, keeping it in place regardless of wear and tear.

What we dislike: Since down requires special care, you cannot toss the pillow in the dryer; it must be laid flat to air dry.


Best bang for your buck white decorative pillow

XQ House Velvet Round Decorative Pillow: available at Amazon

Our take: Sumptuous velvet gives this round decorative pillow a rich aesthetic and plush texture.

What we like: Filled with PP cotton, this round throw pillow is soft in both appearance and feel. It's made of velvet material, which elevates the aesthetic and adds a touch of softness to your furniture. The pillow measures 17.7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.

What we dislike: At least one buyer felt the pillow was smaller and thinner in real life than it looked online.

Honorable mention white decorative pillow 

Charter Club Damask Designs Diamond Dot Cotton Square Decorative Pillow: available at Macy's

Our take: Made of 300-thread count cotton, this decorative pillow will add a classic element to any room.


What we like: The crisp, light and airy aesthetic of this pillow is due in large part to the premium 300-thread count cotton of which it's constructed. The jacquard weave accentuates the effect by creating a diamond dot design. At 18 by 18 inches, the square pillow suits most spaces.

What we dislike: While they were happy with the pillow overall, one buyer expressed disappointment about the size.

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