Tips for staying hydrated throughout the day

Hydration is fundamental for wellbeing, but it can be difficult to remember to drink water throughout the day.
Hydration is fundamental for wellbeing, but it can be difficult to remember to drink water throughout the day. (BestReviews)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. adults tend to drink less water than younger people, and those who drink less water are also more likely to consume sugary drinks and eat fewer whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

Learning to drink when thirsty and making smart hydration choices can help you avoid dehydration, which can cause a host of symptoms from foggy-headedness to sluggishness. A dehydrated body isn't working optimally.


However, it can be difficult to remember to drink enough water if you aren't already accustomed to doing so. Remedy chronic dehydration and trick yourself into hydrating with these handy tips.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables


You don't need to gulp down gallons of water throughout the day to keep your water levels topped up. A healthy diet packed with fruits and veggies plays an essential part in keeping the body hydrated. Most produce has high water content, and there are plenty of prepared foods (like soups) that also contain plenty of water.

2. Add flavors

For some, water is an acquired taste -- especially for those who have grown up drinking juice and other sugary beverages. If the bland flavor profile of H2O is limiting your intake, try infusing your next cup of water with fruity flavors. Add fresh ingredients to the Primula pitcher's infuser compartment in combinations like cucumber and lime or blackberry and mint. The pitcher is shatter-resistant and features a wide spout for easy pouring.

3. Fizz it up

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A bubbly beverage can be more satisfying for those who have an unhealthy addiction to soda. If you can't seem to wean yourself off of full-sugar pop, try carbonating your own beverages at home using a SodaStream machine. Enjoy plain bubbly water or use fresh fruit or flavored syrups.

4. Add ice

If the thought of a lukewarm glass of water is stopping you from hydrating throughout the day, invest in a durable, easy-to-use ice cube tray for your freezer. The Peak Ice Works Tray is made of malleable food-grade silicone and features a handy lid to prevent spillage. The flexible trays make it easy to pop out cubes, so you can quickly cool down your next drink.

5. Buy a water cooler


A water cooler is the ideal hydration station for people with extra kitchen real estate. If you work from home, consider adding a cooler right next to your desk so you can hydrate without missing a beat. This Primo brand cooler dispenses both hot and cold water, features indicator lights to let you know when to replace the bottle, and has a useful LED nightlight for navigating the appliance in the early hours of the morning.

6. Set a reminder

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So often, we're poorly hydrated because we forget to drink. Even the most prepared individual who always has a water bottle nearby can forget to hydrate from time to time. We get it -- you're busy.

It's hard to pay attention to your natural thirst mechanism, especially when you're tackling a full inbox and a long to-do list. If relying on your evolutionary thirst cues isn't cutting it, consider setting a timer so you meet your hydration goals throughout the day. You can also set a reminder with your phone or ask your home assistant to give you a nudge every hour or so. You don't need to gulp down water each time your timer goes off, however. Use the hourly reminder to check in with your thirst and drink accordingly.

7. Add a pitcher to the fridge

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Having cold, filtered water on hand is an excellent way to boost your H2O consumption. If there's a refreshing pitcher of water readily and conveniently available in the fridge, you might find it easier to skip that ice-cold can of soda. The Brita Everyday Pitcher is a high-capacity model that holds up to 10 cups of liquid ready for you to drink.

Brita Faucet Filter System: $48.99 at Wayfair

If you don't have space in your fridge for a pitcher or dispenser, add a faucet filter to get rid of tap water impurities that can affect your drinking water's safety and flavor. Just make sure the attachment is compatible with your kitchen faucet before buying.

8. Keep a glass on your nightstand

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We're often most parched at the most inconvenient times. People who wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night don't always feel like getting out of bed to quench their thirst. Why leave the cozy confines of your bed when you don't have to? By getting up, you're more likely to have trouble falling back asleep. Make a permanent space on your nightstand for a tumbler or water bottle (preferably with a lid so you don't cause a spill in the dark) to sate nighttime water cravings.

9. Insulate your H2O

Whether you're heading out on a hike or working in a hot indoor environment, use an insulated bottle like the Hydro Flask to keep your liquids cold all day without having to continuously add ice cubes. Drinking cool water is refreshing and can help keep your body comfortable in sweltering conditions. Plus, it's imperative to stay hydrated when you're sweating.

10 Stash a bottle by the curb


Ideally, you'd carry water with you on a walk or run outdoors. A handheld bottle provides easy access to fluids and is especially handy on hot, sweaty summertime runs

But if you're running tight loops around the block to maintain social distancing protocols, why not stash your bottle in the shade somewhere within easy reach? Every time you finish a loop, take a sip. Your water will stay cooler for longer in the shade than it would in your hands.

Another tip: Fill it the night before your planned workout and stick it in the freezer. If you're heading out on a super long run or walk, enlist a household pal to refill or replace your bottles regularly.

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