Harry’s Shave Club review: Can this razor subscription make your life easier?

Harry's Shave Club offers razors with replaceable blades, which is better for the environment and also means a higher-quality razor handle compared to disposable drugstore options.
Harry's Shave Club offers razors with replaceable blades, which is better for the environment and also means a higher-quality razor handle compared to disposable drugstore options. (BestReviews)

Maintaining a clean shave can require more effort than you expect.

There's mental math that goes into remembering when to change out your blade and when to purchase more supplies, considering a razor blade only lasts for about seven uses. The cost of continually buying new blades can add up, too


Harry's Shave Club claims to be the solution to overdesigned, overpriced drugstore razors. Its founders were tired of overpaying for razors with unnecessary features and wanted to create a service that delivered simple, quality shaving products as needed.

We tested Harry's Shave Club to see if it delivers on the clean, affordable shave it promises. We subscribed to the service and gave it a thorough test run to see whether the subscription actually saved us time and money.


Harry’s Shave Club Truman Set

We tested the Truman Set, Harry's lower-priced starter kit that includes a handle, three blade cartridges, foam shaving gel, and a travel cover for $15 (which works out to over 50 percent off the price if the products were purchased separately).

The Truman razor is available in bright orange, indigo blue, or tropical green. We liked that the rubberized handle is weighted and slightly longer than the average razor handle. It also features a textured pattern to make it easier to grip. The cartridge has five blades with a flex hinge designed to be used on the face (not the head) with an edging tool that is located at the top of the razor for sculpting.

When using the Truman razor, we found the handle had a nice heft to it - it felt like something you could really grab hold of. It was functional and able to do more than a regular drugstore razor, including accessing tough-to-reach areas of the face. The included shaving gel allowed the five blades to glide easily across the skin, leaving behind no nicks or cuts.

When it comes to refills, four blade cartridges are $2.25 each, eight blades are $2.00 each, and 16 blades are $1.88 each. By comparison, when not part of a sale or special offer, the Gillette Mach3 Razor plus one refill costs roughly $8 with refills at about $2.50 each.

Is Harry’s Shave Club better than other razors?

In short, the Truman razor delivers a comfortable shave, but not one that's noticeably closer than other comparably priced razors. The real value comes in the convenience of having quality razor blades delivered to your door with minimal effort on your part.

Harry’s Shave Club core membership

Harry's Shave Club core membership costs $15 per year and signing up is a relatively easy process. You get 10 percent off all of Harry's branded products that are purchased online for a year, free engraving on the chrome handle of the Winston razor, and early access to all new products. If you prefer, you can sign up for auto-refills on blade cartridges as well.

Since the initial Truman starter package is affordable, one advisable strategy is to hold off on the core membership until after you've had a few weeks to try it out. If you find it's well-suited for your shaving needs, you can subscribe at any time and start enjoying the benefits of core membership.

Harry’s Shave Club: Pros

After trying Harry's Truman set, we were happy with the razor and could see that care was taken in manufacturing a weighted, no-slip handle that feels comfortable in your hand. We liked that the razor head pivots so it can rest completely flat, which provides for a smooth, close-contour shave with no bumps or cuts.

The open design of the blade cartridge allows it to be easily rinsed clean without clogging. If you have a thinner beard or facial hair that doesn't grow too rapidly, you can possibly double the life of a single cartridge, but that would vary from user to user.

Harry’s Shave Club: Cons

We found that the blade is fairly wide, which can make it difficult to trim some areas, like when shaving a mustache. As noted earlier, these razors are not designed to shave heads, so if that's part of your routine, you will likely want to consider a different product.

Some users with sensitive skin have reported a burning feeling after the first use, but sometimes it can take skin a few weeks to adjust to a different shaving system.

Bottom line

For most, shaving is a daily chore that became tedious just a few days after being old enough to start. With Harry's Shave Club, some of the effort can be taken out of shaving, thanks to the quality, affordable blades that are delivered to your door.


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