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Giving Tuesday: How to make a difference by shopping

After the major emphasis on consumerism, hot deals on products, and the gifting of items you can buy at a store, Giving Tuesday flips it around to what you can do to help others: through donations.

Of course, the first place to start when participating in Giving Tuesday is giving directly to the charitable institutions and causes you care about, from helping save endangered animals to disaster relief to nonprofits focused on health care. You can give money, buy items needed off a wish list, or volunteer.

If you like to multitask, you can give generously to causes that need it while you do your own shopping. Here are a few ways to get on the Giving Tuesday bandwagon by donating every time you make a purchase at a few of the most popular online retailers.

With Amazon Smile, you can select from thousands of charities that will receive a portion of however much you spend. Even though 0.5% doesn’t sound like much, it can add up to a lot over time. All the prices are exactly the same to you so it doesn’t make any difference but can benefit a charity from anywhere in the US.

While JetCares doesn’t let the shopper participate in donating money, it’s still a great program to be aware of when you shop on Jet. They offer discounted prices to non-profits on necessities like diapers, personal care items, and household goods. If you know of a local non-profit that could benefit from JetCares, send them to the link so they can apply.

The eBay Charity Shop allows shoppers to browse unique products as well as bid on cool giveaways, like meeting YouTube personalities or going on vacation. They’re doing a big push for Giving Tuesday so if you want to buy meaningful gifts for the people in your life and also know part of the proceeds go to charities, shop here.

Katie Reseburg is a writer for BestReviews. BestReviews is a product review company with a singular mission: to help simplify your purchasing decisions and save you time and money. BestReviews never accepts free products from manufacturers and purchases every product it reviews with its own funds.

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