The best mini trampoline for kids

No matter how many safety features a trampoline may have, children should only be allowed to use them under adult supervision to reduce the chances of injury.
No matter how many safety features a trampoline may have, children should only be allowed to use them under adult supervision to reduce the chances of injury. (BestReviews)

If you are looking for a way for your child to burn off some excess energy, a mini trampoline may be just the ticket. Not only will they tire your kid out so you get a break, but they also help build core and leg strength, balance and coordination.

When choosing a mini trampoline for a kid, there are several features that you should keep an eye out for. They should be low to the ground, have a stability bar to hold onto while jumping and, preferably, use elastic or some other material rather than springs to provide the rebound. Some models, such as the Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline, even feature a net enclosure to eliminate the chances of a child falling off.


What to know before you buy a mini trampoline for kids

Springs vs. springless

Traditionally, trampolines used to use springs, and this is still true for most large, outdoor trampolines. However, many indoor models these days make use of elastic bands or other stretchy materials. There are even some that rely simply on the elasticity of the jumping mat itself. Both adults and children can benefit from trampolines that utilize these alternative methods to provide the rebound, as they are quieter than metal springs and don't pose the same pinching potential. However, these other methods sometimes don't provide the same level of bounce or lose their rebound strength quicker.


There are no hard rules that determine what is considered a mini trampoline and what is considered full size. It also differs between indoor and outdoor models. For example, to be considered mini, we believe an indoor trampoline should be no bigger than 3 feet in diameter. However, an outdoor model could be considered mini at 6 feet. You’ll have to determine for yourself what size will best fit your needs.



Most mini trampolines are circular in shape, but you can also find some that are oval, rectangular, square and hexagonal. Generally speaking, elongated shapes such as ovals and rectangles are better for trampolines that will be used by more than one jumper. This is because square, hexagonal and circular trampolines tend to move the jumper towards the center.

Mini trampoline for kids features

Net enclosure

Net enclosures are helpful for preventing children from falling off the trampoline after a particularly wild bounce. This is especially important for outdoor models that often have a very high rebound, but can also be found on some indoor models. The net will have an entryway that should be fully and properly closed before a child is allowed to start jumping.

Stability bar

Stability bars provide children with something to hold onto while they bounce. When choosing a model, make sure the stability bar is well padded so a child won’t hurt themselves if they collide with it mid jump. If your child is old enough that they no longer need the stability bar, you may want to consider removing it so that it doesn’t become a hazard.


In addition to the stability bar, any other part of the frame that a child may come into contact with when jumping should be covered with padding. If there are metal springs, these too should have some kind of cover or padding over them.


Maximum capacity

All mini trampolines have a maximum weight capacity that must be adhered to. Allowing a child heavier than the stated capacity to use a trampoline can result in damage to the trampoline at best, and injury to the child at worst.


Children can be finicky about their items, which is why it is so important to buy them a trampoline that appeals to them aesthetically. This may simply be by choosing one in their favorite color or a model that features a themed design.

Mini trampoline for kids cost 

Small indoor trampolines for kids start around $40 and can cost up to $100. Mini outdoor trampolines start around $60 and may cost up to $150.

Mini trampoline for kids FAQ

At what age can a child start using a trampoline?

A. Trampolines come in many different sizes and with different amounts of rebound. Large, spring trampolines are generally only recommended for children at least six years of age. However, there are many models designed specifically for toddlers. These don't have a very strong rebound, yet are still fun and help build coordination and core strength. Every manufacturer will specify the suitable minimum age for their trampolines, which should be adhered to.

Are trampolines safe?

A. Like any activity, trampolines do pose some safety concerns, and in fact, many a child winds up in the emergency room with a sprain or broken bone caused by trampoline use. That said, these dangers can be mitigated with proper use and safety features like stability bars and enclosures. You can further reduce the chances of injury by only allowing the use of a trampoline under close adult supervision.

Which mini trampoline for kids should I get?

Best of the best mini trampoline for kids

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline: available at Amazon

Our take: This versatile option is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and it features a full net enclosure to keep your little one safe.

What we like: It is available in three sizes and colors, all of which feature a padded 360-degree stability bar. Plus, it has a fun animal-themed jumping mat.

What we dislike: The netting isn't very durable and is prone to ripping.

Best bang for your buck mini trampoline for kids

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline: available at Amazon

Our take: This trampoline is just the right size for children between the ages of three and six, and it features plenty of padding in all the right places.

What we like: It uses elastic bands instead of springs, so there is no chance of pinching and it hardly makes any noise during use. Also, the stability bar is large enough that kids can hold onto it no matter how off-center their bounce.

What we dislike: It has a basic design kids might find boring.

Honorable mention mini trampoline for kids

Galt Nursery Trampoline: available at Amazon

Our take: The Galt Nursery Trampoline is one of the best choices for toddlers thanks to its fun turtle theme and smart safety features.

What we like: It disassembles easily for convenient storage and has wide feet for extra stability. Parents will also appreciate that it offers just enough bounce for kids to use up that extra energy, but not so much that they might lose control.

What we dislike: It doesn't hold up well when used by children close to the upper end of its maximum weight capacity.

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