The best shacket for fall

While it might seem like shackets are a current trend, don’t get rid of yours when their popularity appears to slow down. Shackets have come in and out of style several times over the decades.
While it might seem like shackets are a current trend, don’t get rid of yours when their popularity appears to slow down. Shackets have come in and out of style several times over the decades. (BestReviews)

Fashion lovers who've grown tired of the limited options for layering in the fall and winter months have come to discover the benefits of the shacket. Not quite a jacket but certainly more than a shirt, the shacket is thick enough to keep the wearer warm but thin enough to not appear bulky. It often has some of the useful features of a jacket, such as pockets and cuffed sleeves, with some of the flow and comfort of a shirt. A shacket like the UANEO Women's Casual Plaid Wool Blend Shacket is the perfect versatile item to add to your fall wardrobe.

What to know before you buy a shacket for fall

They’re great for layering

Shackets are great garments for layering. They typically have a loose fit, making it easy to put them over shirts or sweaters. If you’re cozy in a cashmere sweater and just want a little extra protection against the chill, add a shacket. Likewise, you can layer them beneath a coat. Should you be going to someplace where you won’t want to wear your coat the entire time but would be too cold in just a shirt, a shacket is the perfect solution. Its low profile makes it appropriate for indoor use when you want a little extra warmth.


They can replace a shirt or a jacket

A shacket can be your shirt or your jacket. If you want to wear it with nothing underneath besides a camisole or tank top, it can serve as your shirt. A shacket is flowy enough to be tied up like a shirt or tucked into pants. It also has enough give and a thin enough design to be belted at times when you want a more defined waist. Should you want a little extra warmth but don't want to carry around a bulky coat all night, a shacket can be tied around your waist when you aren't wearing it.

There’s no wrong fit

There are a lot of ways for a shacket to fit and none of them are incorrect. If you like fitted jackets, you can find a fitted shacket. However, loose shackets are also very popular. Fitted options might be best for less casual settings such as an office event, and baggier choices are good for laid-back gatherings like BBQs and camping trips. Choosing the proper size for a shacket isn’t like choosing the size for other garments. You can opt for a size or two bigger than the suggested one if you want something loose-fitting.


Shacket for fall features


There are several materials that are suitable for a fall shacket. Corduroy is a great pick because it goes well with all sorts of denim including black, dark blue and acid washed. Corduroy is also quite warm. Wool is another popular shacket material. In order to maintain a flowy and light design, many shackets will have a wool blend. Flannel is also great for shackets. You’ll often find shackets with cotton blends as well, or with synthetic liners beneath wool or flannel upper layers.


Pockets are almost always welcome additions to clothing because they relieve the wearer of the task of carrying a bag. Many shackets have two large chest pockets, much like those found on jean jackets. Some also have slit pockets at the waist and even a hidden chest pocket or two on the inside.


Consider what length of shacket you’d like to wear. Like jackets, shackets come in several lengths including short, medium, three-quarter length and long. If you want added warmth over your legs, three-quarter-length and long shackets are best. However, if you want to show off your pants, short and medium-length shackets are ideal. Some long shackets have slits up the side so you can get leg warmth and show off your boots.

Shacket cost 

Shackets have price tags that are typically between those of a shirt or a jacket. You can expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a shacket.


Shacket FAQ

When did shackets become fashionable?

A. Shackets have come and gone from mainstream fashion for decades. Some theorize they were first seen in the military, but by the 1970s, civilians were wearing thick, jacket-like shirts over turtlenecks.

Are shackets warm?

A. Shackets offer moderate warmth. They're ideal for a light added layer of warmth over a cozy sweater in temperatures in the 50s or 60s, but they aren't warm enough to be your primary outer layer in temperatures below the 50s.

Which shacket should I get?

Best of the best shacket

UANEO Women's Casual Plaid Wool Blend Shacket: Available at Amazon

Our take: This shacket has a classic plaid pattern and cozy wool blend fabric.

What we like: This plaid shacket comes in several colors and is made of a wool blend, making it perfect for a crisp autumn day and pairing with jeans and some cowboy boots. It has two chest pockets and two welted hand pockets and is conveniently machine washable.

What we dislike: The fabric is a bit itchy.

Best bang for your buck shacket

CHYRII Women's Corduroy Casual Shacket: Available at Amazon

Our take: This corduroy shacket is comfortable and easy to pair with many outfits.

What we like: This shacket has a relaxed fit that's great for layering over a tank top or tucking into jeans. It has one chest pocket and a rounded hemline at the back. Plus, it's available in several colors including some multicolor options.

What we dislike: The material is very thin.

Honorable mention shacket

Mafulus Women's Button Down Shacket: Available at Amazon

Our take: This shacket is lightweight and made of a soft cotton blend that's cozy and casual.

What we like: With a lightweight cotton blend fabric, this shacket is best for moderate temperatures. Its smooth material and flowy fit make it good for casual BBQs or a night out. It comes in several colors, each of which has two chest pockets and an oversized fit.

What we dislike: The colors can appear slightly different than what's shown online.

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