The best Samsung TV of 2020

Samsung TVs are compatible with a number of devices, but if you have a Samsung smartphone or soundbar, you’ ll find more convenience and easier use.
Samsung TVs are compatible with a number of devices, but if you have a Samsung smartphone or soundbar, you’ ll find more convenience and easier use. (BestReviews)

A high-end TV that produces vivid images and vibrant colors is the central device for any home-theater setup. Samsung is among the industry leaders in creating impressive, innovative smart TVs for all your needs, whether you enjoy big action movies, quiet serials, thrilling sports, or immersive video games.

Samsung's latest TV are smart devices: They connect to WiFi, provide a platform for apps, and offer convenient interaction and casting features. In short, they continue to push the boundaries of technology. Our guide will revisit which TVs hold up well, where there's value, and what's new and exciting.


Best Samsung TVs of 2020

1. Samsung 85" QLED Q90T Series: The newest, largest, and most powerful Samsung TV for those seeking a top-of-the-line product.


2. Samsung 43" QLED Q60T Series: Our new bargain pick provides a stunning picture in a small size.

3. Samsung 55" QLED Q60 Series: We still love this high-quality option that has lowered in price as new models come online.

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Top questions about Samsung TVs


One of your first decisions should be about size, which is measured from one corner diagonally to the other, but bigger isn't always necessarily better. The smallest Samsung TVs are around 40 inches, while the largest now are 85 inches. Consider where you're putting the TV, how much space that room has for viewers, and whether you'll be using a TV bench or a wall mount to hold the unit.

Increasing in popularity are 4K TVs, which offer four times the resolution of high-definition options. Most of Samsung's TVs are of the 4K variety, which will be paired with high dynamic range (HDR), meaning you'll not only get detailed images, but you'll also enjoy bright, vibrant colors. 4K and HDR are expected in Samsung TVs. As most film and television content, as well as video games, are shot in 4K, you'll get your money's worth with a 4K TV.

Be sure to note the refresh rate, particularly if you're playing high-end video games. Most Samsung TVs feature a rate of either 120 or 240 Hz, with the higher marker offering a smoother image.

Lastly, it's worth considering the model. Samsung will note the year in which the TV was made, and throughout each year there are different series and models released. Newer options don't necessarily offer a big difference from options the months or year prior; in most cases the changes are minor. Still, newer models will likely offer better overall performance and power.

Prices will vary based on the year in which the Samsung TV was released, as well as its size and resolution. You can find an average size 4K TV for under $1,000, but the largest, newest options may run more than $2,000 or even $3,000.



: Over the last few years, Samsung's line of Quantum LED TVs have gained in popularity. These TVs use so-called 'quantum dots' to produce even brighter, more vivid images. They also come at a premium price.


Samsung has a few select options featuring 8K resolution, which is twice as detailed as 4K TVs. These models, however, are expensive, and unfortunately, there isn't much content being shot or made in 8K currently.

Wall mount

: Some TVs may come with a wall mount included in the purchase, and it's certainly worth considering, as a higher position for the TV often offers a better viewing experience. Just be wary of excess or ugly cords if you have lots of devices to connect.


: Most Samsung TVs provide at least two HDMI inputs and a USB port, though more may be a possibility on some models. Think about how many devices, such as a cable box, game console, or soundbar, you'll be hooking up.


: This Samsung remote control works with the devices connected to the TV, offering welcome convenience.

Viewing modes

: Most Samsung TVs offer various picture modes for viewing different kinds of content. In particular, some models offer a gaming mode for quicker refreshing and impressive colors.

In-depth reviews for best Samsung TVs

Best of the best: Samsung 85" QLED Q90T Series

What we like: Among the newest, largest, and fastest smart TV Samsung offers. Features striking contrast with deep blacks. Includes high-end speakers, Alexa compatibility, and powerful processor.

What we dislike: Very expensive.

Best bang for your buck: Samsung 43" QLED Q60T Series

What we like: A more economically sized QLED TV with multiple HDMI and USB ports for convenient usage. Boasts wide viewing range and quantum HDR.

What we dislike: Not the newest series. Lower refresh rate.

What we like: A decent-sized QLED TV at a below-average price. Control with remote or virtual assistants. Features ambient mode for screen customization and gaming mode.

What we dislike: Lightweight base doesn't lend confidence.

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