9 best wreaths to spruce up any home

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Make your home festive with these beautiful wreaths

There's nothing more festive than a wreath hanging on your front door. Wreaths are circular garlands of branches, leaves and other decorative items that are most often displayed around Christmas time, although you can find wreaths for other times of the year.

While wreaths are traditionally made from natural materials, they're now more commonly made from synthetic alternatives, so you can keep them up for longer and use them year after year. There's a huge range of wreaths on the market, so you'll need to think carefully about which wreath is right for you.


Best Christmas wreaths

This extravagant wreath is an excellent choice for the winter holidays. It features faux crestwood spruce branches, along with berries, pinecones and shiny silver tinsel. It's pre-lit with battery-operated lights, adding an extra dimension of Christmas cheer. Measuring 24 inches in diameter, it's a great size for the average front door, as it won't be dwarfed by the door or look excessively large. The branches quickly and easily fold out, so it's simple to set up and doesn't take much work to make it look full and bushy.

This extra-large Christmas wreath comes in two sizes -- one measuring 48 inches across and the other measuring 60 inches across. That makes it far too large for the average front door, but a great option for hanging over the fireplace or for use as a centerpiece. It has hundreds of easy-to-fluss faux spruce branches and is lit with 200 to 300 lights, depending on the size. You can leave it as it comes for a natural look or adorn it with your own holiday accents.


This plain, unlit artificial Christmas wreath is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their decorations simple. Alternatively, you can spruce it up with your own choice of Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations. Measuring a modest 18 inches across, it's a great choice for displaying on your front door. It's designed to look like Canadian pines, with a mix of light and dark needles to add texture and make it look more realistic.

Highly-realistic looking, this wreath has a total of 550 branch tips and looks just like real Norwood fir until you examine it closely. It's lit with 100 battery-operated LED lights. This wreath measures 36 inches in diameter, which is the same width as a standard front door, so it's great for making a big statement on your doorway, or you can use it to decorate the spot above your fireplace or your holiday table.

Best fall wreaths

This affordable fall wreath is heavy on the faux flowers, but it also features some berries, as well as foliage in a mix of greens, browns and oranges, which is representative of the changing seasons. It measures approximately 20 inches across once you've rearranged the branches, though it's packed in a smaller box so it takes a little work to get it looking its best. You can use it to decorate for Thanksgiving, harvest festivals or just as a general celebration of fall.

With a focus on berries, this option stands out from most other fall wreaths that tend to be heavy on leaves and flowers. That said, it does contain some autumnal foliage and a selection of small flowers, but mainly as an accent to the range of berries. Depending on how you arrange this wreath, it measures between 22 and 24 inches across.

Other best wreaths

And now for something completely different — a wreath designed for birds. It's made entirely from bird seed, including black sunflower, red millet and peanuts. Hang it on your door or in a tree to provide the perfect winter gift for the avians in your area. If you love feeding garden birds, this is an ideal wreath, not only providing decoration but also some much-needed food to help birds through the harsh winter months.

This garland of faux eucalyptus leaves looks light and spring-like. While you could use it as a holiday wreath in areas where winters are warm, it's great for decorating your door or inside your home at any time of the year. After all, there's no reason why decorating with wreaths should be restricted to the later parts of the year.

If you like the idea of a wreath made from real natural materials, like spruce, pinecones, berries, flowers or anything else of your choosing, the easiest way to make your own is using a grapevine wreath as a base. These affordable 10-inch grapevine wreaths come in a pack of three, though you can also buy larger and smaller options. They're sturdy and make the perfect base for a DIY wreath.

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