Baking a pie this season? Show off your kitchen skills with these 20 must-have accessories

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What are the best pie-baking accessories?

Among the many enjoyable traditions of the holiday season is eating. But it’s not just any eating — it’s eating holiday recipes. Among the most enjoyable, though labor-intensive, holiday recipes are pies. The first and easiest step is of course to decide what kind of pie you want to make. After that, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and roll out some dough.  And that arm-exhausting step is only the beginning. After that, it only gets hairier depending on your chosen pie. Thankfully, there are some accessories that can help.

What do I need?

Two of the most important accessories to have for every recipe are a pie plate and a rolling pin. A stand mixer can save you lots of time and effort despite being technically unnecessary. You may need pie weights if your recipe calls for a blind-baked crust.


On top of these are basic accessories you likely already have lying around your kitchen. This includes utensils such as spoons for mixing, forks for poking vent holes in the crust and knives for trimming excess dough. Most recipes need pots, pans or bowls for making and mixing fillings, too.

Best pie plates

This four-pack of 9-inch pie plates are made in the U.S. and that fact is proudly emblazoned on the glass. They are freezer- and dishwasher-safe, plus can be used in the microwave.


This 10-inch ceramic dish has a lovely teal exterior so your pie looks beautiful and presentable until it’s all been eaten and it’s time to be washed. It does need to be hand-washed, though.

Each glass pie plate in this set of four is a different size: 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches. There are two handles on each plate for easier positioning and the edges have a cute dimpled design.

These plates are simple but well-made. Each is 9 inches in diameter and made from tempered glass for more even heating. They’re made in the U.S. and are freezer- and dishwasher-safe.

This two-pack of porcelain pie plates are just as well suited to being artful serving bowls as they are for baking pies. They’re 9 inches wide at the top and come in red or black.

Best rolling pins

This rolling pin comes with four sizes of edges so you can carefully control the thickness of your dough, rather than eyeballing it. The thicknesses are one-sixteenth, one-sixth, one-fourth and three-eighths of an inch.

These six mini rolling pins are only 7.7 inches wide from tip to tip, making them perfect for giving to children so they can help you bake. The handles make it easier for them to hold, too.

This traditional rolling pin is 17.5 inches from tip to tip with a 10-inch center for rolling. It uses rustproof nylon bearings to help it roll smoother and the handles have holes if you like to hang your rolling pin.

French rolling pins are tapered, with a thick center and narrower ends. You need to practice using one for a bit to get the hang of it, but once you do, it can make your baking life much easier.


This marble rolling pin is just like any other in terms of function, but its aesthetics are far superior. It looks so good that it even comes with a cradle so you can display it on your counter.

Best stand mixers

This two-in-one stand mixer can have its mixing head removed to be used as an electric hand mixer, greatly opening up your options when it comes time to make your pie fillings.

This stand mixer comes with a combination splash guard and pour spout for the bowl. It also includes a chef’s whisk, flat mixing paddle and dough hook. It comes in nine colors.

This stand mixer comes with two beaters and two dough hooks. It also includes a recipe book and access to a recipe database. It comes in six colors including black and white.

This stand mixer has a 4-quart mixing bowl — plenty of space for making all the pies you can eat. It also includes a whisk, dough hook and mixing paddle. It comes in seven colors.

This stand mixer has a quieter motor than most, making no more than 75 decibels of noise which is a bit lower than a normal conversation. It has six mixing speeds.


Best pie weights

Unlike most pie weights, this is a single piece. It’s also in the shape of a pie crust with rubber edges that bend to push against the sides. It fits 9-11-inch pie plates.

This box of weights contains enough 10-millimeter ceramic marbles to weigh 1.2 pounds, more than enough to keep a pie crust or two weighted down. They are safe up to 480 degrees.

This sack of glass pie weights weighs 2.5 pounds. They’re also easy to clean and won't absorb oils and odors like ceramic weights sometimes can.

This is another single pie weight, but it’s in the form of a chain that you wind around the crust of your pie. It comes in 6-, 10- and 15-foot lengths.

These large ceramic beads are easy to clean — just wipe them once they’re cool with a dry cloth or soak them in soapy water if they’re especially dirty.

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