9 best electric wine openers to thank your holiday host

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Which electric wine openers are best?

If someone invites you to their home, it's a common custom to gift them with a bottle of wine. This assumes, however, that they have a wine opener. In case they don't, and in the spirit of the giving season, consider pairing that bottle with an electric wine opener. These handy tools can drill into a cork and pull it out easily with the touch of a button — all you need to do is hold it steady while it works.


Electric wine openers use batteries, whether they be built-in and rechargeable or disposable AA or AAA batteries. Both options have their pros and cons.

  • Rechargeable batteries are the most economical, both in terms of saving money and saving resources. However, they require a charging base. This base is included, but it still takes up a solid amount of counter space. You can't stash it when you don't need it either; otherwise, you won't have a powered-up opener to get into your wine.
  • Disposable batteries incur a greater cost than the energy a rechargeable electric wine opener eats. You also can't just trash most batteries — they need to be taken to someplace that can properly dispose of them. In return, though, is the ability to keep it in a drawer until you need it, plus you can instantly bring it back from the dead instead of needing to wait while it charges.

Additionally, electric wine openers can give their maximum battery life in terms of hours or in how many bottles they can open before dying. The average opener lasts for six to eight hours and/or can open 30 bottles on a full battery. The best can last almost all day and/or can open 100 bottles.


If you want to display your electric wine opener, make sure to find one you like the look of. Most are sleek, unobtrusive affairs but a few are more attractive than others. For example, some have a transparent bottom or come in several colors.



Electric wine openers often come with extras. These increase the price, so make sure you need what's included before you spend the extra money.

  • Foil remover: Few electric wine openers exclude a foil remover. It's a little device with dull blades — so you don't cut yourself — that you put on top of the bottle and twist to remove foil.
  • Indicator light: This feature is also common, though what it indicates differs. It usually tells you if it's on, and better ones also indicate how much battery you have left.
  • Light: Some openers have a light bright enough to help you see. It can be on the opener or the base if it has one. This light can be separate or another function of the indicator light.
  • Stand: Rechargeable openers typically include a charging cradle that doubles as a stand. Some disposable-battery-operated openers include a stand for display purposes.
  • Pourer: Some openers come with special heads and a straw so you can pull wine up and dispense it while aerating it at the same time.
  • Stoppers: Occasionally, an electric wine opener includes one or more stoppers so you can reseal your bottle while using the cork for something else.


Most electric wine openers cost $10-$50. Those with better batteries and more features and extras cost the most, but basic $10 openers are usually enough for the occasional wine drinker.

Best electric wine openers

This opener uses four AA batteries and takes only six to eight seconds to open a bottle. The batteries can last for up to 100 bottles. An ergonomic grip makes it easier to hold.

This opener uses a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 80 bottles. The cord on the charging cradle is 3 feet long. The foil remover slips inside the base so you don't lose it.

This set includes a rechargeable opener, a pourer that aerates as it serves, two vacuum wine stoppers and a foil remover. Everything fits into a display case that's perfect for display on a home bar.

This is another set that includes a rechargeable opener, a pourer that aerates, two vacuum wine stoppers and a foil remover. It comes in black or silver and includes a display base.

This rechargeable opener comes with a simple and sleek charging cradle and a foil remover that slips into that base. It has a soft-grip handle, a power indicator light and can open up to 30 bottles on a full charge.

This rechargeable opener has a transparent bottom so you can watch it work. It comes with a combination pourer and stopper and the lid can be removed to act as a foil remover. It comes in black, red and silver.


This unique opener starts working on contact with a cork and has no buttons. This makes it especially perfect for those with severe arthritis. It includes a foil opener and a micro USB wall charger.

The base of this opener glows a charming blue when the opener is charging. It also has a space for the included foil remover to rest. It can open up to 30 bottles on a full charge.

This set includes a disposable-battery-operated opener, a foil remover, a wine pourer that aerates and a vacuum stopper. The opener is a little shorter than a bottle for easier storage.

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