11 cozy fall throw blankets worth checking out

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As we go deeper into fall and the season starts to turn to winter, staying warm is paramount. One of the best ways to add some warmth to your lazy days on the couch is by tossing a throw blanket on your lap. Throw blankets are also superb for adding warmth to your decor.

Throw blankets differ from other blankets because they are smaller than most and aren't typically meant to cover much more than your lap. As such, they're also prime candidates for keeping small children warm and cozy.



Throw blankets are usually small, typically around the 45 to 50 inches by 60 to 65 inches size range with smaller sizes meant for children and larger ones meant for adults.

That said, you can also find bed-sized “throw blankets” that you can still call a throw since you can use them as decoration for a bed.


Throw blanket types

There are two types of throw blankets: traditional and electric. Traditional blankets are just regular old blankets and can be used anywhere at any time.

Electric throw blankets, also called heated blankets, add even more warmth and are especially useful for situations when you want to get warm quickly. The downsides to electric blankets are that they’re often smaller to save on cost, and since you need to plug them into a power source, washing them can be a precarious process.


Throw blankets come in every possible design. If you can't find one you like, you can order a custom one to match your desired aesthetic. Among the best designs for fall are those with shades of orange, yellow and red and those with fall-related imagery, such as pumpkins, turkeys and falling leaves.


Most throw blankets have flat edging, which means the blanket doesn’t extend past its edge. Others have tasseled edges, which have a row of little strings of cloth extending from the edge. Tasseled edges offer a unique look that’s perfect for those who use throw blankets more for decor than for function. Keep in mind that tassels can easily get caught on things or ripped out by curious pets and young children.


Throw blankets come in many materials. The most common material is cotton since it is easy to dye and offers lots of warmth. Wool and fleece are also common, thanks to their warmth and ease of dyeing. These materials can be more expensive, so if you're looking for something low-cost, synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, are also common.


Most throw blankets are safe to chuck into your washer and dryer, though you should still double-check the temperature and cycle requirements to prevent any shrinking or damage. Some blankets, especially wool ones, need to be dry-cleaned instead.

Electric blankets can be harder to clean. Surprisingly, many can be washed and dried by machine. However, you have to use delicate cycles to prevent damage to the wiring, and you need to remove any batteries before washing. Otherwise, you need to spot-clean electric throw blankets with a fabric cleaner or a slightly damp cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and water.


Throw blankets can cost as little as $10 or less. However, better blankets and those with electricity typically cost $20-$50 or more. The best throw blankets can cost several hundred dollars.


Best traditional throw blankets

This throw is all about the looks, thanks to its delicately woven body with a repeating diamond pattern and its extra-long tassels. It comes in 25 colors and three sizes.

This throw is a traditional 50 by 60 inches, and it has one side that's plain white and the other a checkerboard-like pattern in either black and white or red and white.

This throw is made of synthetic fleece for durability and warmth. It has wavy leaf-like stitching and comes in seven colors and four sizes. It is machine-washable and can be put in the dryer, and it doesn’t pill.

This throw has one side that is fine and soft and one side that is fluffy. It comes in nine colors and four sizes. Kmuset offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

This throw is perfect for bringing your room’s design together. It comes in 34 styles using a mixture of edges, colors and weaves, plus it comes in four sizes.

This throw’s stitching design adds some body to its aesthetic, so it doesn’t look like any old dollar store blanket. It comes in 26 colors and five sizes.


The faux-fur fuzz of this blanket is as soft as can be and also helps it stand out from the rest of your blankets. It comes in 11 colors and three sizes.

Best electric throw blankets

This heated throw has six heating levels and can reach up to 113 degrees. It has a three-hour auto shut-off feature for safety. It comes in 36 colors and five sizes.

This heated throw has four heating levels and a 9-foot cord. For safety, it has a four-hour auto shut-off feature and overheat protection. It comes in five colors and two sizes.

This heated throw has three heat settings and ambient heat plus a two-hour auto shut-off feature. It also has a foot pocket to keep your feet warmer than ever. It comes in eight colors and three sizes.

This heated throw has three heat settings and a four-hour auto shut-off feature. Its power cable is 10 feet long. It comes in six colors and two sizes.

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