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While we don't recommend doing anything drastic, it's important to maintain as much normalcy as possible during these times, and taking care of your hair is one way to do that.
While we don't recommend doing anything drastic, it's important to maintain as much normalcy as possible during these times, and taking care of your hair is one way to do that. (BestReviews)

During these uncertain times, we're all making sacrifices to keep our family, friends, and neighbors safe and healthy. Certain luxuries like going out to dinner or enjoying a night out at the movies can be hard to give up, but it's the more practical things that are really difficult to go without -- like getting your hair cut, colored, or styled at your favorite salon.

In many cities and states, non-essential businesses like salons, barbershops, and spas are temporarily closed, which means you may have to go a while without getting your hair trimmed by your favorite stylist.


That doesn't mean you have to suffer from bad hair for all that time. There are actually plenty of hair treatments you can do at home to keep yourself (and your kids) feeling normal during such an unprecedented time.

The trick to successfully caring for your hair is having the right at-home hair products. From cutting to coloring to relaxing your curls, there is a wide range of hair treatments you can still pull off at home in the midst of a quarantine -- and we've put together a list of some of our products to help you get the job done.


Touch up those roots

Sick of looking at unsightly roots every time you glance in the mirror? Dyeing your hair at home doesn't have to be difficult, especially if you just want to cover up grays or go darker than your natural hair color. If you're going lighter, you'll need to bleach, which can be tricky if you've never done it before. You might want to shoot your hair stylist a text before you try this at home.

For a complete at-home color kit, you can't really beat this classic option from a trusted beauty brand. The dye is fortified with collagen, ceramides, and keratin to protect your hair and effectively cover grays. It comes with a post-color conditioner and offers a wide shade range, too.

If you need to lighten your hair, this at-home kit has everything you need to bleach it, including bleach powder, developer, a mixing bowl, cap, and brush. You may need more than one box depending on how much hair you have, but you'll be able to take natural medium brown, dark brown, and even black hair to a medium to light blonde.

Add some texture

If you've been relying on your stylist to add texture to your straight hair with a perm, you don't have to go back to pin-straight locks just because you're socially isolating. At-home perm kits make it possible to give your hair soft waves or curls that can last for months.

This perm formula can curl even the thickest, most resistant hair and allows you to choose from tight, defined curls or loose, open waves. It doesn't contain much ammonia either, so you don't have to worry about damaging your hair. Best of all, it doesn't have the strong chemical scent that most perm solutions do.

Smooth it out

Prefer smooth, straight locks to your usual curls or waves? You don't need a stylist to tame your hair and banish frizz if you have the right products at home. Depending on your hair type, you can choose a heated styling tool or a chemical product to whip your hair into shape.


If you only have light texture you need to smooth, this heated hair straightening brush can do the trick. It has 16 heat settings and works well for all hair types -- plus you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off thanks to the auto-shutoff feature that turns the brush off after 60 minutes.

If you have extremely curly hair, this chemical relaxer can straighten your hair and banish frizz with ease. It contains olive oil, herbal extracts, and other plant-based ingredients to help condition your hair -- and the formula is lye-free to minimize damage, too.

Hydrate and nourish

If you have dry or damaged hair, you might rely on your salon for intense treatments to help boost moisture and strengthen your hair. Fortunately, there are plenty of at-home products that give you similar results, whether you prefer a weekly or daily treatment.

Using a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair can restore vital moisture and keep your hair smooth, soft, and shiny. This formula hydrates without weighing down your hair and contains natural, organic ingredients that help your hair look and feel thicker.

If you need a more intense dose of moisture, this hydrating hair mask is the perfect at-home treatment. It works exceptionally well for healing split ends and helps strengthen and smooth your hair from root to tip. Best of all, you only need to use it for five to seven minutes once or twice a week to see results.

Keep it trimmed

If you've got a longer style, it may not be that much of a hardship to go an extra month or two between haircuts. But anyone with a shorter cut knows how much of a difference just a week can make in how your hair looks and feels. Fortunately, you can keep your hair from looking shaggy even when you're social distancing with an at-home hair cut.

It can be especially important to keep your kids' hair neat and trim, too, to help make things feel a little more normal for them during these confusing times. Just make sure to divide their hair and work in small sections to avoid taking off too much if they can't stop squirming or moving around.

For anyone who has a super-short, buzzed cut, these powerful clippers are the perfect tool for at-home trims. They come with a blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease, and a cleaning brush to keep them in proper working order -- and the model is known for its durability, so it can be relied on for countless at-home cuts.

Equinox Professional Shears: $23.97 at Amazon

Cutting longer hair with craft or kitchen scissors is a recipe for disaster. Avoid messy, uneven styles with these ergonomically designed shears that are comfortable and safe to use on any type of hair. They're made of sturdy, durable stainless steel but have a nice, lightweight feel in hand, so you won't get tired even if you're cutting the entire family's hair.


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