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While most people consider silk to be a high-maintenance fabric, you can put most silk robes in a washing machine. Simply place the silk robe into a washable mesh bag and air-dry when it’s clean.
While most people consider silk to be a high-maintenance fabric, you can put most silk robes in a washing machine. Simply place the silk robe into a washable mesh bag and air-dry when it’s clean. (BestReviews)

When it comes to a bathrobe, you want something that feels incredible against your skin. Unlike house robes, which you might put over pajamas or loungewear, bathrobes make direct skin contact. And because it’s the first thing to touch your body after you dry off, silk has become a popular fabric for bathrobes.

Silk bathrobes hug the body, feel soft to the touch and have a luxurious look. Some robes like the Kwedhonjh Women's Classic 100% Silk Kimono Robe also feature beautiful patterns. Silk bathrobes make an excellent gift for anniversaries, bachelorette parties or even just when you want to treat yourself to something special.


What to know before you buy a silk bathrobe

Cool without drying out skin

Silk is quite breathable, making it a good fabric for warm weather. It's also perfect for a humid bathroom that's filled with steam from a hot shower. Silk fabric is great for those with dry skin because silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, especially if you use extra-absorbent towel sets. If you want to minimize any lost moisture from your skin, a silk robe will keep your skin hydrated.


Those with sensitive skin will appreciate silk’s hypoallergenic and mite-resistant properties. When you step out of the shower, the hot water opens your pores, making them even more prone to irritation. If you tend to react poorly to synthetic materials, you may want to consider a silk robe.


Fit and style

Silk is a very flattering fabric, especially since it’s both flowy and clings to the body. Its natural drape falls over the figure, defining curves and muscles. Thick cotton and fluffy bathrobes are often bulky and don’t define one’s figure very well. This makes silk bathrobes an ideal gift for a romantic weekend getaway or staycation.

Silk bathrobe features 


It’s nice to have some pockets on your bathrobe. If you plan on having a relaxing day at home in your bathrobe, pockets allow you to stash a remote control, a cell phone or any other personal items you want to keep handy. Some silk robes do not come with pockets, so if this is a feature you want, be sure to check the product description before making a purchase.

Securing ties

One common frustration of some robes is they come undone continuously. As you move about your day, you might need to tighten the robe, adjust it or re-tie it completely. Most robes that only have an external tie have this issue. If your robe has both an internal and external tie, these help secure your robe in place. This feature will help keep your robe closed and prevent any potentially embarrassing moments from happening.


Consider whether you want a full-length, mid-length or short robe. Full-length robes tend to offer a little warmth and are great for the winter. If you are tall, look for brands that offer extra-long robes. Some people don’t need warmth and would rather have the full mobility that comes with a mid-length robe. Those who only need a little added warmth to their upper body might enjoy a short robe. These are easy to move around in and pair nicely with a camisole and lounge pants.


Silk bathrobe cost 

Genuine silk bathrobes will typically cost at least $40, but they can cost up to $200. Be aware that many companies market their satin robes as silk, which costs less. Satin is a synthetic weave, so if you want 100% natural fabric, genuine silk is best.

Silk bathrobe FAQ

How do you wash a silk bathrobe?

A. It's best to wash a silk bathroom inside of a mesh bag. This will prevent any damage from the items in the wash, while still allowing water and detergent to access the robe. Be sure to use a gentle detergent and put the machine on a gentle cycle. And always air dry your silk robe, as a dryer can damage the fabric.

Can you wear silk bathrobes year-round?

A. Since silk is breathable and insulating, it can keep you cool when it's warm out and cozy when it's cold. That being said, it's not the best fabric for extreme weather. You may sweat if you wear silk in high humidity, and it won't be warm enough for truly cold temperatures.

Which silk bathrobe should I get?

Best of the best silk bathrobe

Kwedhonjh Women's Classic 100% Silk Kimono Robe: Available at Amazon

Our take: Kwedhonjh modeled this elegant robe after traditional kimonos. It is both comfortable and fashionable.

What we like: It comes in several vibrant colors and has a lovely floral print. The robe features stylish wide sleeves and an internal and external tie to keep it in place. It has a nice sheen, feels very soft against the skin and is well made.

What we dislike: It only comes in one size.

Best bang for your buck silk bathrobe

BABEYOND Kimono Robe Cover up: Available at Amazon

Our take: This beautiful robe features a stunning floral print and multiple color options.

What we like: A full-length robe, this choice keeps the wearer's legs warm and falls in a flattering way on the body. In traditional kimono fashion, it has wide arms and a lovely flower print. Available in several colors, it would make a beautiful anniversary or special occasion gift.

What we dislike: The sizing runs small.

Honorable mention silk bathrobe

COLD POSH Men's Silk Robe: Available at Amazon

Our take: This robe has classic details, like piping and a flat collar. It comes in a mid-length design.

What we like: The traditional features, v-neck collar and belt tie, allow you to wear and appreciate this robe for years. The belt has loops to keep it in place and the front has two large convenient pockets.

What we dislike: It has limited color options.

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