Zach Britton's 'game-used' jersey

The Orioles are auctioning off a bunch of jerseys from their recent Wild Card game against the Blue Jays, including a "game-used" one from ace closer Zach Britton.

[Heavy sigh]


Britton, as you no doubt recall, was infamously not used by manager Buck Showalter in the team's extra-innings 5-2 loss, drawing a ton of criticism from baseball scribes and sports show talking heads. Thus, his jersey was not, ya know, technically used in a game—though it was certainly worn as Britton warmed up in the bullpen and sat waiting for his turn to come in.

[Eyes well with tears]

Even worse, the Canadian sports site Sportsnet was one of the first to troll the Orioles over their wording choice.

The current winning bid for Britton's jersey is $700.

As for Showalter, he's still fielding questions about his decision, most recently from baseball reporter Jon Heyman.

"If you don't deal with it, it will eat you up," he said. "The people who succeed deal with it."