In order to flip the brutal rape of Rockville teenager by two illegal immigrants into a political gab fest, Fox News blowhard Tucker Carlson brought on Zeke Cohen, 1st District councilman in Baltimore, a city that is distinctly not Rockville, to talk about a resolution passed by the City Council asking ICE to focus on apprehending criminals in its immigrant sweeps.

With the smug level turned up to 10, Carlson asked Cohen why he would not want federal officials to enforce immigration law in the city. Cohen corrected that the resolution "was not to tell ICE not to operate, but to only target violent criminals such as the young people who allegedly perpetrated this crime."

"There is no place in our country," Cohen continued, "for this sort of sexual violence. I condemn it full-heartedly. But the vast majority of immigrants in our community are peaceful, they pay taxes, and they contribute.

In response to a question on criminality, Cohen told the host about a man who was picked up in Southeast Baltimore while dropping his son off at school: "He escaped violence in Honduras, just the same way my great-grandmother escaped violence and persecution in Austria, and we welcome him here. Immigrants built the fabric of this country, and Baltimore is a place that will continue to welcome them."

Carlson was in disbelief that Cohen would liken ICE agents to Nazis. Cohen then likened Carlson's rhetoric to "this Willie Horton-style race-baiting, dog-whistle [language]."

"We don't blame an entire group of people for the heinous acts of a few," Cohen said.

Carlson wanted to hammer home the Nazi point, and Cohen said he was merely comparing the plight of his great-grandmother to his Honduran neighbors."

And then it happened.

"No, that's actually not what you're saying. In fact, let me read you a quote. This is from yesterday, from the City Paper in Baltimore. It said, 'Cohen likened the recent raids to what Germany did before the Holocaust," Tucker explained, quoting a paraphrase from our story.

Our collective skin is crawling. Our story said this and then it went on.

"[Cohen] likened the undocumented immigrants and their families to his own: 'They are like my grandmother who left everything behind, including a family who perished in the gas chambers.'"

This was a weak attempt at a gotcha that totally misses Cohen's point, which he tried restating again and again. Tucker Carlson and Fox Fucking News spreading anti-immigrant crap and quoting City Paper along the way is about the worst feeling ever.