Around this time last year, websites and blogs across the country desperate for content picked up the story of Traffic Jam Jimmy, a hayseed Fox 45 reporter who was caught "accidentally" ordering at a McDonald's drive-thru live on the air.

Some questioned if the whole segment was a setup, and an anonymous source at the station told City Paper that Traffic Jam Jimmy, aka Jimmy Uhrin, worked with the sales staff when he was not out reporting on traffic. But pretty much everyone moved on after the initial viral sensation of the "mix-up" and that was that.

Fast-forward to last week, and we have another video of Traffic Jam Jimmy shilling for McDonald's—this time explicitly. The video, from a segment just before Valentine's Day, shows Jimmy arriving to the Baltimore Museum of Art to deliver a whole table of Mickey D's food to Ian, a security guard at the museum, and his co-workers. A grainy recording was uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 15 and already has more than 66,000 views, and as you'll see, it's kind of insane and amazing. Here it is in all its splendor.

Let's unpack this a bit. Jimmy asks Ian what he does, and the guard starts using rhetoric familiar with the Fight For $15 movement to increase the minimum wage.

"Jimmy, I work 40 hours a week and I live below the poverty line," he says.

As Ian begins to tell Jimmy "I advocate for living wages and workers' rights," the camera operator awkwardly sidles into a nearby room with a table and posters on the wall.

What say you, Traffic Jam Jimmy?

"OK. Ian, you know McDonald's has breakfast all day now? Now today is actually Abe Lincoln's and Charles Darwin's birthday, and I bet if they were alive today working that midnight candle, working late at night"—the camera returns to Jimmy—"they'd get breakfast at 8 o'clock. They'd get a Egg McMuffin, or pancakes. That's right."

"And now, guess what's back, Ian," Jimmy continues.

"McDonald's," Ian responds flatly.

The Fish Filet," Jimmy enthuses. "The Old Bay Filet-O-Fish sandwich, and on Valentine's Day, that's what I'm getting for my wife."

Then Jimmy talks to a curator about the BMA's collection of 95,000 works and the recently opened exhibit "New Arrivals: Gifts of Art for a New Century."

Turns out Traffic Jam Jimmy is a man who appreciates the arts.

"If you've never been to the BMA, it is a beautiful place," he says into the camera. "Bring your kids, bring your wife. Valentine's Day, take her to McDonald's, get two Fish Filet sandwiches for $5 and come here."

How romantic.

"And what's it cost to get in?" he asks the curator.

"It is free," she replies.

After a brief spiel, Traffic Jam Jimmy says he's being told it's time to wrap. He picks up a sandwich from the table of food to hand it to Ian.

The guard leans toward the mic and says, "Stand in solidarity with McDonald's."