Tie for First Place in Poetry: "Snowy Remembrance"

Snow in Gaithersburg is no big deal
unless you've never seen snow!
Say you're from Ethiopia or
Then snow is a big deal!
That's the way it was that day when I worked at Rowley-Scheer!
It was eight in the morning—­the first snowstorm of the year!
Geoff Conway the shift supervisor announced the fact with a hurled snowball right at Li Li the
Vietnamese blueprint operator
She stopped running the prints and went outside and brought back her own snow projectile.
It landed on Geoff's neck
Then all joy broke loose as everyone went outside to goof off in the snow.
The Ethiopian and Eritrean blueprint operators who would argue politics all day long stood side
by side with the Egyptian delivery driver and me the Jewish delivery driver looking up at all the
heavenly dandruff cascading down to the ground!
I said, "Do you know that no two snowflakes are entirely alike?"
Geoff said, "Is that right Bunkie Ya don't say!"
The way he said it did not sound like sarcasm but a statement of wonder and yes amazement!