Thirsty Black Mouths

Drink the brown water child
you think you better huh?
We've been drinking it
You privileged huh?
Come on child
Lead don't


Sweet, Sweet Paint Chips

Like melted sugar on my landlord's tongue
Did you hear how the paint chips call us niggers?
My nigga.
The walls silence was telling,
Of how this home isn't mine
Or my nigga's
But these tears, this blood, this pain
Is mine, and my nigga's.

Will The Womb Protect Us?

They put scotch tape over the mouth of the coroner,
As if he mourns for us
Only our mothers do

Justice won't come for us
Only our mothers do

Freedom won't comfort us

Only our mothers do
Look how they do our mothers.

Mohamed Tall is Baltimore City's current Youth Grand Slam champion, former Baltimore City Poet Ambassador, and the two-time Muslim Interscholastic Tournament spoken word champion. In 2015 he was a member of Baltimore's Youth Poetry team that competed at Brave New Voices. A Political Science major, with a minor in African American studies at Morgan State University, who also works with Dew More, Mohamed plans to to help establish poetry workshops in different masajid across the DMV. Mohamed believes that art is at the forefront of every revolution.