Cutie, an 11-year-old black, orange, and white cat relaxing in a large Purina cheddar cheeseburger-flavor food box slowly flips her tail back and for

Last summer, City Paper took a peek behind the scenes at BARCS. Check out the story of writer Kenneth Stone Breckenridge's trip here and check out the rest of our Pets Issue here.
City Paper writers and friends sat for a '70s style photo session with their pets. Check out the rest of the Pets Issue here.

Brittany Roger walks into a third grade classroom at Furman L. Templeton Elementary School with a huge, heavy-duty, laundry-bag-like sack. The kids al

Brittany Roger of The Drawing Zoo dropped in with some friends to the City Paper's studio for our Pet's Issue. Check out the story of The Drawing Zoo here.

1. The details that led to me having a dog—now an almost five year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever whose name is Bernie—are too sad, lame, a

The City Paper editors sent me an email last week: "We're doing an issue on pets. Any chance you could write a column about your cats?" Oh, so you wan

The Weigels are a dog family generally and a cocker spaniel one specifically.

After years of telling me and my sisters they wouldn't get a dog,

Rescue Dog

He was just a pup. A ball of black fur, hardly bigger than my hand. But he knew his way around Kabul, and way better than we did. "No

In honor of this year's Pets Issue, we wanted to highlight a few of Baltimore's dog-themed and dog-friendly eating spots. Bone appetit! (Sorry)

We checked out Kooper's Chowhound Burger Wagon for our Pets Issue. Read our review of the meaty food truck here.