The Mail 7/8/15

In Defense of The Pratt

In his letter "The Pratt has bigger problems than Baltimore poetry" (The Mail, July 1) Jon Swift achieves rudeness and inaccuracy simultaneously. Yes, there are closures and disorder at Pratt Central; however, with good reason. Pratt is undergoing a major renovation. A three-year effort costing in the $10s of millions is afoot. All the mechanical systems (HVAC, fire suppression, lighting, security, mechanical and computer) are being replaced or upgraded. More valuable to Pratt patrons, the Children's, Teen, and Young (and old) Adults areas will be expanded. Family restrooms, computer portals, meeting and study spaces are on the menu. As one involved with historic preservation, I keenly anticipate seeing this Grand Old Lady's face lift. Similar projects mean closures during construction. A four-star tribute to Pratt's administration and staff for working in this managed chaos with minimal discomfort to their readers!


For centuries large libraries kept their collections closed to the public. Security, theft, misfiling (making books invisible to searchers), and maximizing shelving capacity are some justifications for closed (to the public) stacking. The trend now is for open shelving because electronic anti-thief innovations and needing less staff (who descend into the pits getting books) saves money during these difficult times.

Gary F. Suggars
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YES and thank you for calling out how Kreider wrote about women. I'm glad I wasn't the only one bothered.

— “Sarah Weissman,” July 6

Folks in Baltimore always asking for here you go! You can't ask and demand for progressive change yet stay the same.

— “Jameka Stuckey,” July 2

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I couldn't find any mention in this article of the only 2-year-old Harbor Point/Perkins Homes Enterprise Tax Zone fiasco.

— “Christopher Nelson,” July 2

I knew it was coming. Honestly it need to be done but they better house them.

— “Brandon Noel,” July 2

This is actually not new. The problem here is that you have a very disenfranchised and disconnected population that rarely pays attention to these sorts of issues until it hits them square in the face.

— “Richard Chambers,” July 2

@GabrielSikowitz @paulmgardner @city_paper @BaltoSpectator 1) oh some people definitely knew. Me and my fiancée are looking for a place and

@GabrielSikowitz @paulmgardner @city_paper @BaltoSpectator 2) one realtor emphatically told me that Perkins Homes would be coming down soon.

— “@jjtolliver,” July 2

@GabrielSikowitz @paulmgardner @city_paper they need to be replaced, but not displaced! Awful news

— “@throwingthings,” July 2

@city_paper @mattgonter Will the city bring the homeowners they eminent domained for Perkins in 1965 back? Regentrification!

— “@charm10101,” July 2

@city_paper @MayorSRB Now can we revisit the Harbor Point TIF that used these projects to get its approval?

— “@brendangburns,” July 2

@city_paper what about the west side ghettos? Guess not surrounded by hopkins and all the east side money.

— “@bmorebred1,” July 2

I hope that the families are relocated to adequate housing and that the families that want to relocate back to the area are given the first shake at the new public housing.

— “L Drew Pumphrey,” July 2

@GabrielSikowitz @paulmgardner @city_paper Also, $460k for a glorified grant writing consultant?! Sign me up for the fucking Tea Party!

@GabrielSikowitz @paulmgardner @city_paper (Yes, I know, it's really lobbying, influence peddling & outright bribery, not writing the app.)

— “@Pedestrianerror,” July 2

How's it erasing history when we have museums and libraries full of artifacts and writing accounts about what happened? Every display of the Confederation (who lost btw) should be removed from public property. Does Gaddafi have a high school named after him? Have you been to ISIS St in downtown Syria? FOH with your "it's history " argument.

— “Zeus Breen,” June 30

That's great and all but what about a review of fixing our streets, clearing trash, adding money to the education system.

— “Malena Renshaw,” June 30

Thanks to @city_paper round up of seizure pics, I now know the police found some sort of sniper-rifle looking thing

— “@iduncan,” July 1

Oh, are the police arresting people again? That sure is nice of them.

— “Michelle Jenkins,” July 1

Back in the day when I was getting in trouble and getting locked up all the time that was one of the things you just knew ....that if you got in the back of the paddy wagon... You better hold the heck on.. cuz you're going for a RIDE

— “Ambree Gearhart Barrett,” July 2

Do you realize the term "paddy wagon" is regarded as derogatory by people of Irish heritage?

I can't believe that the Baltimore City Paper would still be using this racist term!

— “Andy Adkins,” July 2

The confederate flag wasn't half this popular until the media started hyping it up, stores stopped selling them and people were told they can't wear or have them. Now look at it.

You tell free Americans they can't have something that is perfectly legal, prideful and historical, and by damn they will gobble it up. Human nature.

— “Steven Tormollan,” July 6

A hoax though it may be, I have to give somebody some credit for exercising some bit of restraint. So far, the phrase "Relentlessly Gay" has yet to turn up in a [Trademark Electronic Search System] search.

— “Tim Walker,” July 2

@city_paper Go Mayor of Baltimore. Setting records daily

— “@3pop50,” July 5