The Mail 6/16/15

Colleges can Do More

Anna Walsh did a terrific job describing the challenges that Johns Hopkins University faces ("Critical Juncture," Feature, June 10) with regard to community-based strategies and policies around alleged sexual assault. There is, however, another level at which colleges and universities can fail the victims of sexual assault—the way in which investigations into alleged assaults are conducted by school administrators. As Jon Krakauer describes in his recent book "Missoula," the investigations themselves, whether conducted by law enforcement or the schools, are often an exercise in humiliation and futility; this, in turn, can sometimes re-traumatize victims of sexual assault. Through my work as a therapist who sometimes treats victims of sexual assault, I have reason to believe that Johns Hopkins University is not always particularly sensitive to these and other issues related to their investigation of sexual assaults. Therefore, I would hope that as Johns Hopkins considers the way in which it works with the university community at large in the aftermath of a sexual assault, they also consider the way they work with the individual victims as well, striving for empathy, fairness, and maximum transparency.

Pamela Fitzgibbon, LCPC, M.S.Ed
Batts is Wrong on Oakland

After reading Mobtown Beat about "The intuition of Anthony Batts" (June 10), that is exactly what it is: his intuition. However the main provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights [Act] was to outlaw racism in America's institutions. The act was for the whole country of America, not just for Oakland, California, where Batts claims there are no race problems. The NAACP has documented the fact that Batts is a liar. Why? Because racism does indeed exist there in Oakland, California.

Leo A. Williams
A Better way to Feature the Featured Flier

Hey guys it's real cool that you're trying to showcase some flier art with Featured Fliers (Baltimore Weekly)! IMHO it would be way more effective if you printed them in a size where the flier text was legible and also if the captions made any sense at all or provided info about the event rather than a one sentence interpretation of the art that has nothing to do with the content of the flier. Gr8 thanks for listening!

Matthew Casella
O’Malley’s hubris

Edward Ericson Jr.'s "Nero Tolerance"  (Mobtown Beat, June 3) should be required reading for anyone planning on voting for this country's next president.

What Martin O'Malley brings to the table is this: an inconceivable stock hold of hubris.

Leslie Robin Kassal
Appreciating Baltimore’s Poetry

Ironically, I could not attend the LitMore small-press fundraiser (Weekly, June 10) because I was leading a discussion at the Baltimore Hostel about Baltimore poets and poetry. Why must two such events happen on the same day?

LitMore is not the only organization collecting the work of Baltimore poets—the Baltimore City Historical Society has taken on a similar effort and has a sizeable collection of poetry books and other publications relating to our city. It's currently housed in the Bar Association Library at the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse and open to the public. There's a load of catalog and digital work we need to complete, but isn't it gratifying both LitMore and the Historical Society recognize the need to collect this material?

From my brief association with the Baltimore poetry scene, I've learned if this material isn't saved, it will disappear relatively soon. Sadly, our Enoch Pratt Free Library does not have a Baltimore poetry section, but that's understandable considering the funding requirements and space shortage. Also, the Historical Society's collection has a number of original scripts from the Baltimore Playwrights Festival—I believe we are the only group collecting this material.

The important job now is for the City of Baltimore to get on board and help promote our wonderful literary community. Plenty of people here are writing and performing poetry, but that good news receives scant publicity. We all need to work together to improve our city's image. Poetry would be a great start!

Roz Heid
Pick a side and stick with it

I must say I enjoyed the News Hole blog post "Confrontations, Conversations at Saturday's O'Malley announcement and, later, a pro-police rally"! (June 3) I especially enjoy the line ". . . Thompson asked if were  'journalist[s] or adversaries' and challenged the vailidity of our City Paper identification." Your reporters seem to have trouble deciding if they are journalists or not and selectively wear one hat or the other when it suits.

David Heckman
Bel Air
FROM THE WEB, Facebook, and Twitter

Im so sick of these little mutant's, hoodlums and pathological deviant's going around assaulting and robbing people.

— “Cellus Willis,” June 12

Not everybody from Baltimore is like that so to say thanks Baltimore is so unnecessary. One guy jumped you not Baltimore, do you have any idea how many gay men and women are in Baltimore smh don't judge an entire city based on one persons actions

— “Sarah MsTaylor Lopez,” June 12

There is no excuse for assaulting someone for any reason. The gender preference or a sexual preference of another individual is not ours to judge.

— “Wendy Felty,” June 12

I've been in Baltimore for 20 years, have many gay friends, and have spent more than my fair share of time in gay establishments. I've never personally known of any discrimination towards gay people. In fact, I feel Baltimore is one of the most accepting places to all sorts of people black, white, gay, straight. bi, etc...I've always felt a lot of acceptance here for all people and people i have taken out with me who may not have been from here always feel the same love. This sounds like a rare incident to me.

— “Rhonda Lange,” June 13

Get well soon lemz RT @city_paper: Local DJ physically attacked last night for being gay:

— “@eb01a,” June 12

Thornton is such a joke!!! He is all smoke and mirrors and no substance. He will ruin what is left of public education in Baltimore. And then unfairly blame the teachers instead of taking responsibility for himself...smh!!!

— “Adam Greschler,” June 11

Aw I loved this place. Went there often in the late 80s. I remember the old lady in the shoe slide! Took my son to Clarks Elioak farm where they are relocating a lot of the pieces. Great farm!

— “Kari Raven,” June 10

But what will freshman photography students at UMBC take photos of now?!

— “Chrissy Abbott,” June 10

Aw...I used to go when I was a little kid, before it closed. Then I would go back when I was a teenager, after it had been abandoned, and get all weird among the busted old fairy tale stuff. Good times.

— “Timmy Reed,” June 11

How about "keep baltimore safe for a year?" That is the only slogan he needs to be advocating for imo. I don't know the premise of this statement but it feels accusatory. Our city needs less slogans and more heart for their fellow citizen.

— “Lisa Landsman,” June 15

A sad day! When a young man is sent home by hands of another man! Please let that job stay in GOD'S HANDS! Yes his music video will live with us forever! Paradise is where you are! But TWIZZLE JOHNSON YOU ARE RESTING IN MY HEART! U ARE LOVED BY ALL!!! N WE ALL WILL HOLD YOU N HEARTS! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN! NEPHEW! TWIZZLE

— “Jackie Wooten,” June 12