The Mail 4/15/15


its a legitimate fight....i'd be mad too....

—“Patrice Johnson,” April 8

this is fantastic. well done Sean.

—“Michelle Jenkins,” April 8

Yes!! Concerts, comedy venues, restaurants, theaters, etc. And even if the venue is accessible, often the staff and the crowd is inconsiderate.

—“Latisha Jones,” April 8

How about getting accessibility out in front of my home...? and have a judge order me to tear up my handicap accessibility in front of my home...after approved, and, I paid to put it in.... It's in the Federal courts as we speak... I SOOO want justice. amen.

—“Brian Nichols,” April 8

Put all of the lobbyslators in wheelchairs for a day. Watch things change.

—“Wayne Clark,” April 8


—“Joseph Robert Grouse,” April 8

It's been 25 years since the ADA was signed into law, and yet, checking on the accessibility of businesses and venues of all types before making plans. (or risk receiving a nasty surprise upon arrival) is still part of the daily routine for most people with disabilitiie. It makes what are simple decicions for some, into struggles for others.

—“Anne-Elizabeth Straub,” April 9

If you are going to drink beforehand cheaply ignore Sliders, the guy with the "Cheap Ass Beer" sign and Pickles and go directly to Camden Pub which has the best beer/drink specials in that neighborhood.

—“Josh Reynolds,” April 9

Did anyone know that you could bring food and drink into Camden Yards? Thanks @city_paper!

—“@BMoreDataMind,” April 8

Speaking of music, I am literally in love with @blacksagemusic right now!! Sorry I'm late. ;) Thank you to @city_paper for the put on!

—“@randomsfromjas,” April 10

As of April 7, there have been 53 murders this year in Baltimore

—“@city_paper,” April 8

And we're not even half way through the year yet...

—“@Bmorebizz,” April 8

black lives matter, not!!!

—“@mocoyrvp,” April 8

Though it may be controversial, I'll share that I think Cosby does have a gift, as a brilliant comedian, and that being a serial rapist (whether he is or isn't, which I'm not stating an opinion about) doesn't actually make that gift go away... he isn't any less funny now than he was before this all came to light. I think that if he wants to perform, and people want to go to his shows, then it isn't anyone's business to try to protest or heckle or put a stop to that. There are legal proceedings available to victims who want to press charges; anyone who wants to avoid a Cosby performance can easily do so, and acting to diminish Cosby is an act of harm toward another human being, as is rape...who are we to say that one is better or worse than the other?

—“Sana Lynn,” April 7

It took 2 of you to write this piece of PC, mindless rubbish? I also like the covers of pop tunes they do on the lute.

—“Jon Swift,” April 9

Completely lost myself in this show last weekend.

—“@MrEandre,” April 4

excellent article and the food is wonderful.

—“@mgustafson_dc,” April 3


—“Jennifer Poynot,” April 13

He might have a long shot at VP on Hillary's ticket. But no shot whatsoever at the presidential nomination.

—“Larry Holt,” April 14

Dear god no. But looking at the current slate of oligarchs and assclowns, you can't blame the man for being tempted.

—“Lisa Doyle,” April 14

Please say it isn't so!

—“Michael Brand,” April 14

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