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The Baltimore Brigade thought they were in the playoffs, but now they're not due to an "oversight"

The Baltimore Brigade take on the Tampa Bay Storm in the team's inaugural home game.

The Baltimore Brigade, with a record of 4-8, announced earlier this week they had clinched a playoff berth. But that was not the case.

"Due to an oversight in the AFL Playoff scenarios, Baltimore was misinformed that they had clinched a playoff berth earlier this week," the team said in an email.


Well, that sucks!

So how did this all happen? A rep from the team and a league official say there was a misunderstanding of playoff tie-breakers involving three or more teams. As it stands now, Baltimore, Washington, and Cleveland could all end the season with a 4-10 record.


Playoff spots are then determined by: 1. head-to-head record among the teams in playoff contention, 2. strength of schedule, and 3. best net points in all games.

If it's not settled after consulting all these criteria, there's a coin toss (!).

By virtue of its 3-2 record against Baltimore and Washington, Cleveland has locked down a playoff spot.

The good news is the Brigade (4-8) can still make the postseason by winning its next game against the top-ranked Philadelphia Soul, on July 29, or if the Washington Valor (2-10) lose that same day against the Cleveland Gladiators (4-9).

The Valor and Brigade square off on Aug. 4, with potential playoff ramifications if the above scenarios do not play out.

With a record of 10-3, the Tampa Bay Storm, the only other team in the recently rebooted AFL, have also clinched a postseason spot.

Hey, at least the Brigade had fun with the whole mix-up on Twitter.

The Arena Bowl, the league's version of the Super Bowl, is scheduled for Aug. 26.