Before playing the tiny Brooklyn club Baby's All Right last night, the members of Beach House tweeted:

That didn't stop people from going to Craigslist to acquire one. And one New Yorker holding an extra pair posted two ads to Craigslist, one asking for the best offer and a later one asking to hear from the biggest fan, offering one. They later tweeted some responses on the account @beachhousenyc. Some are hilarious, like the offer of "500 for one beach house icket." Others are a little icky, like the person who tried leveraging their black date as a means for diversifying the audience. Most are a kinda weird, kinda heartwarming look into fandom. Below are some highlights:

Though the account only garnered 25 followers—and won't likely be getting anymore because, you know, the show already happened—we thought the whole thing was amusing and decided to reach out to the person who started it.

The creator, who asked only to be identified as "38," corroborated the account with a screengrab of a Craigslist email they had received in response to the posting. 38 wrote via email they got 50 offers within 20 minutes of their initial posting, many in the hundreds of dollars.

But, they write, they never really intended on peddling the tickets for money. "I never had any intention of selling them, was more interested in lifting the lid on the insane state of wealth in modern New York and in particular this particular thirst for exclusivity," 38 writes.

After taking that post down and putting up a new one with an offer to a fan, they got more than 100 replies.

"I really just only picked the ones that were most interesting, least exploitative/intrusive, and most enlightening," writes 38. "I love fans, I am one, for better or for worse, and I figured some of the replies were too good not to share, with the hope that maybe even the band might end up seeing them (I figured some are sentiments they might want to engage with)."

After the show, 38 reported back that "'PPP' has earned a place as one of BH's defining moments now, I went full Stargate to it live—a deep melodic soaring trance.

"And to be fair to the most obvious accuser from Craigslist—the two people i saw going hardest at the show were both black guys."

Tickets for Windjammer, Beach House's co-headlining show with Future Islands and Dan Deacon at Pier Six Pavilion tomorrow, are going for as low as $35, with many more coming in closer to the $60-$75 range.