A screenshot from the G-Rock video for '5 Phones.'
A screenshot from the G-Rock video for '5 Phones.' (YouTube)

Baltimore rapper G-Rock was shot last night, according to multiple social media posts. Police reported that G-Rock, born Donte Dixon Jr., died in the hospital this afternoon from his injuries, which occurred in the 4500 block of Edmonson Avenue. The 29-year-old's last known address was the 4100 block of Edmonson Avenue, police say.

After starting out in the four-man rap group Teflon Dons in 2009, G-Rock went solo with the release of the mixtape "Heroin City," produced by DJ JG. He went on to put out the mixtapes "Menace 2 Society" and "Da Tester,"* and a duo of releases named "G-Rock Mayweather." In recent days on Twitter, he was touting the release of "G-Rock Mayweather III." Shawn Smallwood, who DJed for G-Rock, said it will be released posthumously.


G-Rock also started the rap group The Rubberband Clan, which collaborated with Flawless Music Group, whose CEO, FMG Dez, City Paper profiled in January. The two groups collaborated on the 2013 documentary "Operation From the Bottom."

On Twitter, Dez posted a picture of himself and G-Rock with the message "Rest in peace buddy." Before that, he lamented G-Rock's killing and the earlier murder of a member of his own crew, FMG Twizzle.

Though he never toured outside Baltimore, G-Rock's YouTube videos racked up tens of thousands of views.

Earlier this week, G-Rock posted a short video on Instagram of a shopping trip with Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates, who was in town for a headlining gig at Baltimore Soundstage last Wednesday. Seven weeks prior, a picture appeared to show them in the studio together.

At the Soundstage show, someone in the crowd spotted G-Rock off to the side of the stage during one of the performances and tweeted it. He later told the rapper, "already its ya time now STRAIGHT UP !"

G-Rock responded, "ain't no ?"

*An earlier version of this post gave the incorrect name for one of G-Rock's releases. It has been corrected.