Today is the day citizens across the city cast their ballot in primary elections, and that means operatives for the candidates—or perhaps merely disgruntled neighbors—are up to some shady shit. That and stuff that should be functioning normally is not. Here's a roundup so far:

Ryan Dorsey, a Democrat running for City Council in the 3rd District, says he woke up to find his tires slashed.

Sheila Dixon's campaign is claiming robocalls are going out that say the former mayor has dropped out of the race. She responded in a Facebook post that she's still in it.

Some polling places did not open on time and had faulty machines.

The Pugh campaign had too many people at its offices trying to get jobs. When it looked like the Pugh campaign wouldn't have enough jobs for everyone, those people got angry.

Oh, and people didn't get their damn "I Voted" stickers.

UPDATE: Billy Murphy, a supporter of Democratic Senate nominee Donna Edwards, is taking legal actions over precincts opening late.

UPDATE (7:39 p.m.) Judge Althea M. Handy ruled that four polling locations—John Eager Howard Elementary School, Beth Am Synagogue, Oliver Multi-purpose Center, and Pimlico Elementary School can stay open until 9 p.m., because those precincts opened 45 minutes late or more.