Earlier this year, producer John Bachman, aka Jumbled, landed on our "50 Local Releases You Should Hear" list with his release "Jumbled's Club Classics." CP's Brandon Soderberg described it as "A mash-up-like tribute to classic Bmore club records as viewed through a cloud of weed smoke and heard via surface-damaged and scratched up vinyl."

Now, Jumbled is back with the breezy EP called "Boom," mixing club, hip-hop, and disco samples and beats into minute or minute-and-a-half tracks.

We're especially partial to the hilarious 'That's Not Me,' in which a girlfriend's every request—a trip to the airport, meeting her parents, going to see Taylor Swift—is met with a vocal sample proclaiming "Nah, that's not me."

With the EP at 12 tracks, there's plenty in here for everyone. Listen to the whole thing below: