PMF VII's lineup and programming announced, fundraising show on Saturday

PMF VII flyer by Anna Crooks
PMF VII flyer by Anna Crooks

The lineup and programming for Open Space Baltimore's seventh annual Publications and Multiples Fair (PMF VII) which happens next month (April 9-10) has been announced. See the full line-up of vendors at the bottom of this post though a few of City Paper's Arts Teams local and non-local favorites are worth highlighting, such as Aidan Koch, April Camlin, Baltigurls, Beth Hoeckel, Carolyn Conn and Grace Davis, Emily Burtner, Jermaine Bell, Kaita Niwa, Lala Albert, Lale Westvind, Matt Carignan & Shelby Rosabal, Terence Hannum, The Contemporary, and Tina Haines.

Presumably even more events will be announced (last year there were also, for example, performances by Ami Dang, FLUCT, Nerftoss, and plenty more) but so far the programming which includes: If I Ruled The World, a cluster of presentations and panels featuring Khadija Nia Adell, Jared Brown, Greydolf, Amy Reid, Person Ablach, Besan Khamis, and Rahul Shindhe along with Loring Cornish giving a "a motivational speech" and a keynote presentation by Bryanna Jenkins of the Baltimore Transgender Alliance; a lecture from Aidan Koch about her slippery subtle work (go check out "The Whale" and read 'Heavenly Seas' over at the Paris Review); a performance of "Groin Wrong" by Matthew Thurber's Mrs. William Horsley, "a mobile puppet theater sculpted out of a single chunk of feminized hematite discovered in the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s"; poetry program Emotionally Unavailable But Like Not?, put together by Maya Martinez (and on Sunday, another poetry event, "Poetry Brunch"); Researching "Alternative", presented by Post Office Arts Journal; and BYOU (Build Your Own University), a seminar by BHQFU, " New York's freest art school."


It has been thrilling to watch PMF grow. Last year, PMF moved to the Baltimore Design School and expanded a great deal and the events feels as though it's on its way to being one of the preeminent art zine/comix/whatever festivals in the country—echoes of Small Press Expo (SPX) a decade or so ago when it more effectively straddled the entirety of the scene or the relatively young Comics Art Brooklyn (CAB) but you know, not in fucking Brooklyn. And last year's PMF was part of a weekend of well, very cool things happening including Future Fest, the closing night of The Contemporary's Bubble Over Green by Victoria Fu, and a print fair over at the BMA.

And this Saturday, there is PMF VII fundraiser show at the Compound featuring Bodies, Co La, Chiffon, DJ Amythsx, and Nerftoss. The show's on a sliding scale of seven to ten bucks to get in. If you don't know where the Compound is, asks somebody who does know.


PMF VII's featured vendors:

Aidan Koch
An island, or, in the middle of sand
Andy Gabrysiak & John Maggie
Angel Oloshove
Anna Brancaccio + Catie Buhler
April Camlin
Art Vandelay
Bailey Sheehan and Caroline Kunka
Beth Hoeckel
Betty Roytburd; Anny O(Welcome Workshop); Kat Schneider
Blackberrys Press
Blonde Art Books
Bmore Art
Brian Blomerth
Brooks & Rosebud
Caeli, Sam, Andy
Carolyn Conn + Grace Davis
Cassie Tucker & Kayla Goldstein
Castle Printshop
Celeste Fichter
Center for Creative Works
Clubhouse Lithography Workshop
Conveyor Editions
Corey Hughes
Debbie & Meredith
Donald Edwards
Draw Down Books
E+D Goods
Ehse Records
Elena Johnston
Emily Burtner / Thousand Island
Endless Editions
Eric Helgas
Friends Records
Frondz and Friendz
Fuse Works
Gabbi Grill and Adam Amram
General Matters
Get Lost Press
Girl Group
Goldbrain Press
Grace Macfarlane
Hyun Cho
ICA Baltimore / Paul Shortt
Impractical Labor (ILSSA)
Ink Press Productions 
Invisible City Press
Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn
Joe Maccarone
Julia Lipovsky
Kaita Niwa
Knox (William Chapman)
Kodi Fabricant , Maggie Fitz
Kyle Tata, Kristin Tata, John Zimmerman
La Bodega
Lala Albert
Lale Westvind
Laurie Goodhart
Lauren Pakradooni
Little Foes
Louis Abbene-Meagley
Lucia Maher-Tatar
Lunar Insurrection
Make ü Smile
Mara Hyman
Matt Carignan & Shelby Rosabal
Matthew Van Asselt + Mt. Home Arts
Melody Often
Milton Melvin Croissant III
Morgan Frailey, Andrew Haas
munu editions
Negative Energy
Noah Scialom and Jane Cody
Oranbeg Press
Paper Sword
Pellinore Press
Philadelphia Printworks
Plank Projects
Publication Studio Hudson
Rachel Ad Lowing & Hunter Jaffe
Ryan Abb
s (88) > mm m
Sam Sheffield
Sara Grose and Angela Heaps
Six Fingered Saviors
Small Editions
Soberscove Press
Somethings + more
Sophie Friedman-Pappas
Spencer Compton
Spider's Pee-Paw
Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc.
Street Jazz
Stringbean Glass
Szechuan Best
Temporary Services / Half Letter Press
Terence Hannum
Terrault Contemporary
The Blank Page Project
The Contemporary
Tina Haines
Too Far?? Too Late??
Two Birds One Stone Editions
Ultraviolet Light 
Under + Over
Vice Versa Press
Vivien + Abbie Wise
Walker Mettling & Providence Comics Consortium
Weakly Comics
Will Laren
ya girls

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